Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Style | White Ruffles & Lace

I find it difficult to create titles for my outfit posts. I don't think I'm very creative when it comes to title names for my blog posts on outfits. Oh well...I'm sure it really doesn't matter that much. :)

This is the outfit I chose to wear when I went to see my brand new nephew! He is SO cute! I did not want to stop holding him.

White Shirt w/ Lace @ Top | Maurices, Thrifted for 1.49!
White Tank Top | Old Navy, Bought for $4!
Light Blue Cardigan | Old Navy, Bought for .97 cents new!
Denim Skirt with Ruffles | Made by Me!
Brown Sandals, Mossimo Supply Co. | Thrifted for $2.50!

As a special feature, here are a few pics to show off the hairstyle I did!

The front. I was not feeling well that day...
thus the look on my face.
The left side view.
The back view. Sorry it's so blurry, my little
sister was in a hurry lol.
Hairstyle: Three Wrapped Buns.
Section out an area in the front to be your 'bangs'. Divide the remainder of your hair into three sections. Top, middle, and bottom. Each of these will go into a wrapped, semi-messy bun. Starting with the very top bun (making sure not to include your 'bangs' hair), pull your hair into a ponytail, after you've wrapped it around twice leave a little 'loop' of your hair not pulled all the way through. Wrap the remainder of your hair around this loop. Secure with bobby pins. When you go to pull your hair into the second ponytail make sure to include your 'bangs' hair. (You may need to go ahead and add a small bow to keep them where they should be.) Repeat the ponytail with the loop and wrapping and securing with bobby pins. Do this for the third bun as well. There you go! It is supposed to have a semi-messy look, but it's not supposed to look like the Messy Bun.


  1. Your SOOOO beautiful!!! I don't know what your talking about with your face! Your BEAUTIFUL PERIOD! :)


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