Friday, August 31, 2012

Lets Talk About Hair | The Cold Water Trick

Cold water on hair is like conditioner. It smooth's your hair and (for me) helps the curls texture and bounce. Since I don't use any mouse or gel in my hair I have had to come up with other ways to keep it non-frizzy with pretty curls. Why do I not use those things? Well, first I don't like my curls to feel "crunchy" and second I don't like my hair to be sticky. So, in order to avoid these problems I have come up with other unique ways to fix my hair.

Why use cold water? Hot water can dry out your scalp and give you bad dandruff. No one ever wants to deal with that. Cold water hydrates your curls. Hydration and curly hair is so important because it helps keep it healthy.

How often should you use cold water? Honestly you should ALWAYS use cold water on your hair. When you do a regular hair washing and when you just need a lift to a bad hair day. Cold water is like magic to curls.

So, we've established that it's good to use cold water on your curls, and you should always use cold instead of hot water. Now how do we use this on a day when I'm not gonna wash my hair? Easy! Here are some basic directions for your first time...after that you can change it up to whatever works best for you.

1. Make sure your hair is tangle free (I use my fingers to get out any knots).
2. Stand next to the edge of the bath tub.
3. Turn the water on cold.
4. Flip your hair over into the tub and lightly soak your curls with the water. (Or if you want you can completely soak your hair, it just depends on how much time you have for air drying.)
5. Turn the water off and squeeze any excess water from your hair.

6. Wrap your hair up in a towel for 5-10 minutes to soak up any remaining water.
7. Take the towel off and run some leave in conditioner or other hair moisturizer (I don't always do this and my hair has turned out fine both ways).

8. Let your hair air dry and then fix as usual. The air drying part is important. Don't mess with your hair while it is drying so it won't be frizzy in the end, especially if you are going to wear your hair down.

This is the method I use when I do the cold water trick to tame my wild hair. I usual do this the day after I've washed my hair because once I sleep on washed hair it can get pretty wild. This helps my hair get the "just been washed and styled" look without actually washing it...which I love!

What tricks do you have for taming wild curls?

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