Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thrift Store Finds | August 19th of 12

The other day Autry and I went out on a date. One of the places we stopped at was the local Goodwill Thrift Store! I've wanted to go there for a while so I was glad to stop by. As always, I found more things than I had money for. I had to put back three things which would have been perfect for refashioning, but they will have to wait for another time. Autry has told me that the he will take me back to the thrift store several times here in the next few months since I find him clothes he likes and they're not expensive! So now I have double score. I get to shop for refashioning clothes and clothes for Autry!

Here is my haul from the other day.

I found a roll of white ribbion for 0.50 cents! I am so excited because I've wanted some for awhile now.

I found three really good shirts for my man. Three dollars each too! He has to wear long sleeves where he works so that was my main goal in shopping for him this trip. I'm so glad to have found some he likes and they're good brands too!

Wrangler Jean Co.

American Eagle


I found two things on my clothes list. I went through my closet the other day and made a list of things I needed. Mostly that included cardigans and leggings. I found a pair of long navy blue leggings at WalMart for $3 on clearance so I bought those. And then I found these two things which I am very excited about! I did find a skirt with beautiful fabric which I plan to refashion...that is the one thing I kept. Oh, all of these were green tag so they were half off. All items were 1.50 each!

Hillard & Hanson. I can't wait to make a new outfit post with this!

White Stag. This needs a little alteration to fit right, but I love it!

Kathie Lee. This skirt is for refashioning! I just love this floral fabric.
So there you have it! I will post the refashions when I get them done, and when I shop again I will post the new finds...because you know I will find something!

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