Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thrift Store Finds | August 24 of 12

I had a wonderful day in the thrift store the other day, as usual! I found so many good dishes! One more thing checked off the list of what I need for when I get married. Well, mostly checked off...I have enough to get started but I'm still gonna be looking for more.

In my kitchen I want to do a mix match of all sorts of white colored dishes with no floral or fruit designs. I will take stripes and ridges though. Here is a photo of all the dishes I collected today for less than $8!

3 tumblers, 1 tall glass, a big mixing bowl, a clear serving plate.
Basket weave plate and bowl; a large serving plate, another dinner plate, two bowls
A butter dish, 4 small desert plates, and 3 smooth bowls.
Only two of the dishes have a label on them so I wasn't able to look up the others, but those with the label I looked up on Google. I made quite the haul. Here are my photos and then a link to where I found the same dishes for a crazy amount more.

This is a Shenango China dinner plate in Classic Ivory. I found four
of these same plates on Etsy for $15.99.
I paid $0.50 for this plate.
This has a basket weave design similar to the one I found at Kmart which is no longer available.
I paid $0.50 each for the plate and matching bowl.
My favorite find were these 4 Myott Meakin China desert plates. Style MYM8.
I found 8 of them on Ebay for $19.99! Huge savings here! Since I $0.25 each!

Here are a few more photos of the other dishes I found. I paid $0.50 cents for each.

Two beautiful scalloped edge bowls.
3 smooth and fairly shallow bowls.

The butter dish was $0.25 which was a great find! It is exactly what I wanted: big enough to hold a stick of butter, small enough to not take up a lot of space.

Oh and that big glass serving bowl? It's Pyrex! I paid $1.00 for it while the one I found on Ebay is $5.99!

Not only did I find a lot of good dishes, I also found some more cardigans and a beautiful Maurices shirt! Each one was $3.00.

Faded Glory. Coral cropped sleeve cardigan.
I'm not sure if the scrunched sides will be staying, but this color is amazing!

Faded Glory. Light gray thin cardigan. Perfect for early fall and spring.
I will be making this into a cropped sleeve cardigan soon.

Croft & Barrow. Dark gray, really thick cardigan. Perfect for winter!
I may be adding some decor to this, but then again I may not.

Maurices. Burnout style shirt, perfect for layering!


  1. I love the mix and match of white dishes! Great prices too!

  2. Thanks! I worked hard on the camera was being rude lol it kept bluring the photos.

    This idea came from Pinterest but what decided this was the fact that finding white dishes is easy and they are super inexpensive so if they break it's not a big deal!


  3. Great finds, I love thrift stores too! what sweet blog :)
    feel free to stop by mine


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