Friday, August 17, 2012

The Top 3 Ways I Find New Blogs To Follow

You have probably noticed that I post a lot of new blogs in The Wednesday Weekly Review. In case you are wondering, yes there is a method to the madness of finding so many wonderful blogs! Here are the top three ways I decide to follow a blog and how I find the blogs I do follow!

1. Does she cook, craft, sew, refashion, and post tutorials? Is she Apostolic?
If the answer is yes to any of these questions I will follow the blog 90% of the time. I love to follow bloggers who have the same interests and beliefs as me. Even if the beliefs are not the same but the blogger has several of the other topics in common then I will still follow the blog. I like to have as many databases at my expense to pull creative ideas from!

2. Pinterest!
I am a Pinterest addict, as you well know, and I have a lot of pins. Before I delete a pin (because I delete a lot quite often) I see what the pin source is. If it is tumbler I don't follow it, but if it leads to a blogspot or other blog address then I will follow it to check out the blog. This is the main way I have discovered many of the blogs I currently am following. This is my favorite way to find a new blog.

3. Followers of other blogs!
When I find a blog I like I will click on the individual follower's icon to see what blogs they follow and/or contribute to, or post on, or host. This is a great way to find blogs which are related to many of the same topics and beliefs that I have. This is my second favorite way to find blogs!

4. Yes I know I said three, but a very important one is this: Do I have the option to follow via Email?
A lot of the time I will choose to follow a blog more willingly if the blogger has offered the option of following via email. I check my email a lot and therefore will be more likely to see the bloggers posts and will then be even more likely to leave encouraging comments. This is a huge deal for me! I hate it when I find a great blog and they don't have the option to follow via email. Why? Because most of the time, even if I am following the blog, I will forget to go back and check to see the latest posts.

Final Thoughts
I hope this has helped you understand my method a little better. Of course if I have visitors leave a comment anywhere on my blog I always check to see if they have a blog and then go check it out (bonus for leaving a comment on my blog!) I have found a few really good blogs this way as well.

All The Blogs I Love are pinned to the board at the end of this link! I also have a seperate board for the Blogs I Enjoy, Blog Hops & Parties, and Apostolic Blogs. Visit the Pinterest Board: Blogs I've Featured to see each blog that has been mentioned, featured, or promoted on Blue Eyed Beauty Blog!

Do you have a favorite way to find new blogs to follow? I am always looking for new ideas! Be sure to your blog finding tips below!


  1. I think I follow from other blogs of interest from other blogs.

    I love your posts and i keep telling myself when i see your recipes that I need to try that one day. Im working on that skill HEHE

  2. Hi Helen,
    I followed you from a comment you left on Classic Mary Moments. These are great tips! I just added the option to follow by email because of you.

    I'll also be checking out your Exercise Encouragement - I am an Apostolic runner and mountain biker, happily wearing a skirt in the process!

  3. Oh wow that's awesome! I am so glad to have helped in that area. :) I will be checking out your blog here in a few minutes! :)

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog


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