Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Review #5

Man I had this all ready to go Monday but had to wait...and by the time Wednesday got here I completely forgot to post this! :( Anyway, here it is! I have found a lot of new Apostolic blogs in the last two weeks. I am putting together a post with all of them. In the meantime, here are two new blogs I've found and enjoy!

1. I started following Wunderbar!

Kaitlin is a refashionista who loves to sew and do crafts. She has a lot of wonderful ideas and tutorials. One of my favorites is A Skirt From Two Shirts. I will be on the look out for the perfect shirts for this project!

2. I started following Two Butterflies!

I found this blog full of refashions and sewing tutorials via the list of fashionistas!

3. Reviving a post from the past!

Homemade Laundry Soap! This recipe costs less than 5 dollars for the whole 5 gallons of soap that it makes! Not only that, but there is plenty of several of the ingredients to make the soap 3-4 more times. Check out this recipe and see how you can start saving money in a huge way!

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Interested In Seeing More Blogs?
If you loved these blogs, you may enjoy the other's I've featured since the birth of The Wednesday Weekly Review. How can you find them without going through each post? Easy! Just view all the buttons on my Pinterest board: Blogs I've Featured!

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