Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life Goals - 79 Things To Do With Autry

My life with Autry is only just beginning! Here is a small list of things that I think we will probably end up doing throught our lives together.

All photo's are from Perfect Bucket List via Tumblr, but I found most of them on Pinterest. They just linked back to Tumblr.

To Do With Autry

1. Adopt a baby. Depending on how many kids we have we may end up adopting a baby.

2. Adopt a huskey. Huskey's are one of my favorite dog breeds. I would like to adopt a male and female and breed them. I think they are gorgeous dogs and I cannot wait to be the proud owner of one!

3. Adopt an animal. More like many animals!

4. Bake cookies with Autry. This will be easy to convice him to do if I have chocolate chips!

5. Bake in the middle of the night with *Autry*. When we get married. :)

6. Be given a puppy as a present. He already said he would, just have to wait for the right time!

7. Be the best parents we can be. I don't have a doubt in my mind about this. :)

8. Be proposed to in a unique way. I have absolutely no control over this, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna happen knowing how he is!

9. Build a giant sand castle. Maybe when we go visit Mississippi.

10. Build a snowman with *Autry*. Hopefully this winter!

11. Buy *our* first house. I can't wait for this day!

12. Buy rings. We already have his picked out...and he knows what he's getting me, but of course he hasn't told me what it looks like.

13. Carve something into a tree together. When we move to our own land.

14. Chop down *our* own Christmas tree. This will be a tradition for us...which we may be starting this year!

15. Cuddle next to a campfire. Hopefully the next time we go camping together.

16. Get engaged. Soon!

17. Go fishing with him. I know this will happen a lot. I love fishing!

18. Go on a cruise. I think we might be able to manage this at least once in our life time!

19. Go to a drive-in movie. This would be so fun!

20. Go to a Fourth of July beach festival. This would be awesome, but I wouldn't want to go by myself.

21. Go to a St. Louis Cardinals game at the Busch Stadium. He's already told me he wants to go see a game there.

22. Go to Alaska. One state I still need to visit.

23. Go to California. One state I have yet to visit!

24. Go to Colorado. Another state I need to visit!

25. Go to Hawaii. Maybe for a family vacation.

26. Grow old with someone I love. I have no doubts about this happening!

27. Have a 50th wedding anniversary. I think this will happen.

28. Have a big family. I'd like at least four kids. Hopefully a few more than that.

29. Have a daughter. We both think that our first child will be a girl. We could be wrong, but that's okay.

30. Have a natural birth. If it's possible for me then this is how I'd like to have my kids born.

31. Have a snowball fight with Autry. This will be fun! I'll probably lose, but it'll still be fun!

32. Have a son. I think we'll have several actually.

33. Have children. A lot of them too!

34. Have my husband kiss my pregnant belly. Yes.

35. Have my own personal library in my house. This will be an easy goal. We both love books and he owns over a hundered already. I'm about 20 books short of 100 myself.

36. Have someone win me a giant stuffed animal. Even if it isn't giant I'd still like it!

37. Have twins. It runs in both our familys, so hopefully that means this will happen!

38. Kiss in a snow storm. Have yet to do this!

39. Kiss in the back of a taxi. If we ever ride in one that is.

40. Kiss in the rain.

41. Kiss someone at midnight on New Years. This year!

42. Kiss under mistletoe. Hopefully this Christmas!

43. Learn how to tie a tie. I still don't know how to do this.

44. Live on a farm. Really I just want a milk cow and chickens...

45. Live to meet my grandchildren. I can't wait!

46. Love him until I die. Yes I plan to do this. :)

47. Move to the country. If I'm able to move to my grandparent's old house then I will be able to reach this goal!

48. Order desert first at a resturant. I can see us doing this.

49. Own a horse. A Palomino to be exact, but any horse will do for this girl!

50. Own a Mustang. I have wanted one since before I could drive! And they're one of Autry's favorite cars too!

51. Put up a christmas tree with him. Possibly this year!

52. Raise a horse. I plan to have a horse one day...if I can afford to buy one. I hope that *she* will have a foal so I can raise it. I would love that.

53. Receive a dozen red roses. One day.

54. Recieve chocolates on Valentine's Day. Yeah, this will happen... :)

55. Recieve one red rose. I think Autry will do this one day. :)

56. Ride on the back of a motorcycle. I don't know if I would trust anyone except Autry to drive lol.

57. See the Grand Canyon. I've been in Arizona, but haven't seen this yet.

58. Slow dance in the rain. I'm not sure if he would actually dance in the rain though...he might.

59. Spend the whole day playing video games with him. We've spent half a day, but not a whole day...yet.

60. Stand under the Hollywood sign. I have yet to check California off my list of states to visit. This would be a good reason to go there.

61. Start running every day. I have the prefect place to run now. I just need the motivation to get out there and just do it! Hopefully I will be able to talk Autry into going with me since he is a good runner and I know he would help keep me motivated.

62. Stay at a Bed & Breakfast. He already said he wanted to go sometime.

63. Stay up all night on Christmas Eve. This will probably happen a few times during our lives together.

64. Take a picture of us tangled in lights. Hopefully this Christmas!

65. Take a tour of the White House. One place I would really love to see the inside of!

66. Take cute kissing pictures in a photobooth. I can see us doing this for sure!

67. Take his last name. One day soon this will be coming true!

68. Tip a cow. Lol.

69. Try Chicago style pizza. We both like thick crust...

70. Try fried ice cream. I've heard that it's pretty good...

71. Visit a wolf sanctuary. Both of our guardian animals is a wolf. I think this would be a neat thing to do together.

72. Visit an island paradise. Maybe one day.

73. Visit all 50 U.S. States. My ultimate life goal! I'd love to travel to the remaining states with Autry!

74. Visit Mount Rushmore. Yet another state I haven't checked off my list.

75. Visit Yosemite Falls. I watched a documentary on the park once and have wanted to vist ever since.

76. Wake up on January 1st next to Autry. If we get married before the end of the year then this might be happening!

77. Watch the sunrise at the beach. Something I think we'll be able to do at least one time.

78. Watch the sunset at the beach. And of course watch the sun go back down at night.

79. Write something in wet cement. Maybe when we buy our own place. We might have to add on or put in something using cement.


  1. I love this! I may have to do it with my blog in the future. Love ya girl!

  2. Oh that'd be awesome Kora! I miss seeing you so bad! I wish you had time for blogging cuz I miss your posts especially since I moved.



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