Wednesday, August 22, 2012

55 Life Goals Achieved Thus Far

I am constanty finding new things for my life goals list. It's a good thing too seeing as I'm always checking something off it! Here are 50 things I've checked off my Life Goal list.

All photo's are from Perfect Bucket List via Tumblr, but I found most of them on Pinterest. They just linked back to Tumblr.

Completed Goals

1. Bake a cake. I love making cakes! {I've expanded on this goal, read more about it here.}

2. Bake a perfect pie crust. Yes I have reached this so many times! I love my pie crusts!

3. Become a photographer. I've been taking pictures since September 2011. I think that qualifies me as a photographer. My unofficial photography business is Angel Light Photography. I have a blog and facebook which feature photo's I've taken.

4. Build a snowman. If it snow's then I'll be out there building one! {I've expanded on this goal, read more about it here.}

5. Catch a bride's boquet. I've only done this once. It was at a friends wedding December 2011. I haven't caught one since.

6. Catch a firefly. I can't even count the many times I've done this!

7. Complete a journal. I've actually completed over 20 of them!

8. Cook Thanksgiving dinner. For years I have helped make this wonderful meal! I usually make the deserts, green bean cassarole, and mashed potatoes, but almost never all in the same year.

9. Fall in love. I don't know the moment or the day this happened, but I know it did.

10. Feel beautiful. I feel more beautiful now than I have at any other point in my life!

11. Find someone who will treat me right. This is Autry.

12. Finish a game of Monopoly. I think this is my favorite board game ever!

13. Get a manicure. I actually used to give myself manicures all the time. I still do them, but there aren't as many parts to it now as there were back then.

14. Get my license. I remember this being such a big deal when I was 17. Now I have it but I can't use it.

15. Get through a long distance relationship. We finally made it! Now we are together!

16. Go camping together (with Autry). This summer we all had a family and extended camping trip. It was so much fun!

17. Go on a camping trip. I've gone camping lots of times! I love it!!

18. Go on a family vacation. This year we went on a vacation (mom, sisters and brother), but one day I hope to go on a family vacation with Autry and our children! {I've expanded on this goal, read more about it here.}

19. Go to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. I used to live near this beach. I'd love to visit it again one day.

20. Go to Texas. When you lived next door to the state then it's kinda hard to avoid going there sometimes.

21. Have a baby fall asleep in my arms. This is rare for me since there is something about me that many babies don't like.

22. Have a best friend who will never let me down. Ro you are that!

23. Have a black cat. He was fluffly and beautiful and I named him Mocha. {I've expanded on this goal, read more about it here.}

24 Have a flat stomach. A goal that was reached this year, but is back on the goals to complete list because I didn't keep up with it.

25. Have a pet turtle. If a turtle walked into my back yard as a kid then it immediately went in a cardboard box with some grass and leaves. Now I wouldn't keep a turtle for anything, but then...well that was a differen't time in my life.

26. Have a wardrobe I actually like. Finally got it after I started sewing most of my own clothes!

27. Learn how to cook. Anyone who follows my blog know's this goal has been reached!

28. Learn how to crochet. I have the basics down! I'm still learning different types of stitches though.

29. Learn how to do cute nails. Before I stopped painting my nails I had friends and other random people ask me where I got my nails done. They were always surprised to find out that I did them myself.

30. Learn how to swim. I had so many lessons as a kid. I got up to competition level by the time I was 11-14...don't remember the age exactly. I was a long distance swimmer.

31. Learn how to play the guitar. I played on and off for about four years. {I've expanded on this goal, read more about it here.}

32. Learn how to play the trumpet. I had a trumpet. I attempted learning how to play it a few times, but it's really hard to play a wind insrument like that with braces on.

33. Learn how to play the violin. I played for about two years.

34. Let a snowflake land on my tongue. I've done this a few times. :)

35. Let my nails grow. For years I played the guitar and had to keep my nails short, especially on my left hand. Now I'm able to have long nails all the time and I love it!

36. Live near the beach. I did in South Carolina!

37. Make a perfect omelet. Check. Although I can't eat eggs, I have still managed to learn how to make a delicious looking omelet.

38. Make a snow angel. I used to make them all the time as a kid!

39. Make up a recipe. I do this all the time!

40. Meet my other half. Check! Autry makes me everything I am.

41. Not be single on Valentine's Day. Autry is the first and only boyfriend to have made me not single on Valentine's Day. (February 14, 2012).

42. Own a cat. I've owned 8 actually!

43. Own a pair of Steve Madden shoes. I believe they were sandals. And they were cute! Thrift store find of course. :)

44. Perform on a stage. When I was younger, my sisters and I used to sing. We sang for a lot of different events in a lot of different places.

45. Ride a horse. Yes, I've done this several times but none of those recently.

46. Ride in an airplane. I've only done this twice! Once a few months before I was born, and once when I was 16.

47. See a tornado. This isn't something that I chose to see, it just happened...several times. You can't help it when your birthday is in the middle of Tornado Season in Oklahoma!

48. Shoot a gun. I've done this lots of times!

49. Shop on Black Friday. Did this once, and that's enough for this girl! People are too crazy. Oh, and try WORKING on Black Friday! I was at Old Navy and the lines were so crazy. You never had a moment to stop it was constant go, go, go!

50. Sleep on the beach. One of the most uncomfortable ways to sleep, but cramming six girls into a three person tent was the really fun part!

51. Try Belgian chocolate. My cousin had Belgian chocolates as her wedding gift to everyone who came. Oh they were so good! And yes they were real!

52. Try Tiramisu. Oh. My. Word. I love this! It is so delicious! {I've expanded on this goal, read more about it here.}

53. Visit the Hershey's Chocolate Factory in Pennsylvania. I went here when I was a kid. I remember the place being really amazing.

54. Write a love letter. I did this so many times before Autry and I met in person. Since meeting him I've still written him a few letters and he's written me some as well!

55. Write a song. Back when I played the guitar I actually wrote several songs.

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