Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fill Out Receipt Surveys!

Lately I have been very interested in what is printed on my receipts when I make purchases at stores or restaurants. Back when I worked all the time I would fill out surveys and get promo codes for free things or a percentage off my purchase price. In a time when money is tight this is a habit I have started back up and already it is paying off! Just last week I was able to get a free RT 44 drink (Cherry Coke!) from Sonic because I filled out a survey. Now this week I have a free buffet dinner for an adult/or large 1 Topping Pizza at Cici's Pizza! I have entered a survey for WalMart, but so many people enter them I'm sure so I have no clue if I will get anything out of it but that's okay.
I know almost all stores have a survey and most of the offer a bonus for you filling it out. I strongly suggest taking the five minutes of time to fill out that survey and get that code for your bonus. I have nothing but time so this is easy for me. Before you throw away a receipt, check to make sure there isn't a bonus for filling out the survey! You never know what you could get for free!

Places that offer survey's with free things or a percentage off code:
~Cici's Pizza (3.99 off a meal or 3.99 off a pizza with one topping)
~Old Navy (10% off)
~Sonic (RT 44 Drink)

These are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head, but there are so many more out there! Just keep an eye on the receipts to find surveys with a bonus!

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