Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life Goals I No Longer Wish to Complete

There are a lot of goals that I used to have. Here are some which I no longer wish to do for one reason or another.

All photo's are from Perfect Bucket List via Tumblr, but I found most of them on Pinterest. They just linked back to Tumblr.

Discontinued Goals

Change Someone's Life. You can't make someone change their life, but you can encourage them to change it.

Go on a roadtrip with friends. This was back before we all moved to different states.

Graduate College. This was a goal of mine for a very long time, but it is not practical for me since college is hard and it's almost impossible to get through a class when you're dealing with constant memory loss.

Learn how to play the flute. I always wanted to learn this instrument, but never got around to it.

Learn how to surf. While this was a dream, it is no longer a reachable one since my wreck. My back is bad as it is, I can risk it getting worse doing something like this.

Own a lake house. I used to want a house by Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma. Now that would be kind of silly since it would be so far away from where I am.

Save a life. This isn't something you can say will happen, you have to make that choice if the opportunity comes along. It's not that I won't save a life, it's just that it's not a life goal for me.

Work at Starbucks. I always thought it would be heaven to work at Starbucks!

Work at Subway. Before the wreck I was trying hard to get a job at Subway. I love their sandwiches and thought I would really love working there. Of course, I've never worked there, but at one time I wanted to.

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