Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gah! Planning a Wedding Is Hard!!

Where are the best friend's when you need them? Over 200 miles away and busy working... grr. I am trying to figure out some wedding details to find an average cost. This is my first time ever and I'm finding it much more difficult than I had imagined. I will have 2-4 bridesmaids, I know the flowers I want, I have my dress plan figured out (I'm making it!) and I know the main color is going to be midnight blue. Why does everything else have to be so hard?

If you have any ideas which may help I'd sure love to hear them!! Also, to view what I've kind of pulled together so far you can check out my Pinterest board When We Get Married. Of course, I've posted a few photos here (only the ones with links are linked the others were link-less...sorry!). Make sure to leave some comments please!


Baby's Breath
White Orchids

I plan to have my mother arrange my wedding bouquet. She has always done well doing that sort of thing whereas I am terrible at it.... This is my inspirational photo for what I would like my wedding bouquet to look like. I don't think I will be using white roses though. The flowers above will be included.

Isn't it beautiful! I'm thinking of wrapping the stems with a matching midnight blue ribbon.
And for the bridesmaids I would like to do a mix of the lavender and baby's breath, also tied with ribbon.

Bridesmaids dresses/hair
I would love to be able to make dresses for the bridesmaids. I just don't see that happening since they all live in different states and none of them are anywhere close by. I would like each dress to be a different style. I want them to be modest. High neck and the length long...possibly at the floor, although I'm not against it being at knee length. I also would like elbow length sleeves. I have a lot of ideas pinned on that board, but these are my top three favorite.

Bloomingdales. This dress, however, is no longer available.

Jen Clothing. This dress runs at about $60 a piece and only comes in large and extra-large.

Shabby Apple. $94. Sizes 0-16.
All of the girls I want to have as bridesmaids have hair that is mid back or longer. I would like to have their hair done up in pretty styles. I have a few ideas, but I'm not really picky in this area.


I also love the hair pieces and will probably make that myself since that is something I love to do.

My wedding dress idea
I have the dress itself planned out, but it takes five photos for you to even begin to see what it will look like.

The end result of the skirt part should have the basic shape like the one in this photo.
I love the layered look of this lace, however, because of time,
 I may end up using just one piece of lace instead of many pieces.
The smooth ribbon around the waist, under the
bust is beautiful and something I want on my dress.
I love the bust and neckline of this dress.
This dress can be viewed at Utah Bride & Groom.
And finally the sleeves, elbow length and lace.

The men
I would love a beige suit on the men, but Autry doesn't like that look so I think we will be doing the normal black tux. I do think I want to use midnight blue tie's for the men and of course boutonnieres. The ring bearer is his nephew who is two at the moment. He will wear a tux, and we are going to use a Bible to 'carry the rings' on. (I am thinking his uncle's Bible because it is special to him.)

Everything else
So far everything else is just up in the air and I don't know how I'm going to piece it together. If you have any suggestions, ideas or photos please link them below and I'd love to check them out! Thanks!


  1. I LOVE lace and the baby breath is a nice baby touch :)

  2. I love the shabby apple bridemaids dress! I would go with that one for sure. My sister got married earlier this month, and I made the hairpieces for her, the flower girls, and some of the bridemaids. Here's some ideas if you need any. :)

    I bet your dress will be beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures when you finish it.

  3. Everything looks beautiful! Especially the wedding dresses!! =)

  4. Thanks girls! I will post photos when that day comes and I have things made!



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