Monday, December 2, 2013

Best of Winter 2012

Hi everyone! I thought I would put together a post highlighting the most popular posts from the blog last year. I originally thought I would post this on the first day of Winter, but that won't be until December 21st and many of these posts share things you might want to try before then. The great hits from last year include gifts, foods, and things from my Winter Bucket List. (I shared a few other posts, recipes mostly, from last year which would also make great winter foods.) I've debated on whether or not I want to put together a winter bucket list for this year, but I'm thinking I probably won't. There are some things I want to do such as get a real Christmas Tree and go to the same Christmas Parade where Autry proposed to me, but other than that I don't have a lot of winter plans. I mostly just want to get through these last weeks of pregnancy and then have my little boy in my arms. That will be a plenty big project in itself I think!

Top posts from last winter!
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There were many things I didn't get to post last year that I'd love to post eventually. I have a few that I know for sure I'll be sharing with you. I am not doing much interesting in the way of gifts or foods this year, but if I do I'll be sure to share!

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