Saturday, November 30, 2013

Elf on the Shelf from 2012

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Last year (when I still lived at home) Mom & Dad started the Elf on the Shelf. I have to say that even for me, at 22 years old, I had fun waking up and discovering where our Elf was hiding or what he had gotten into during the night. Hubby loves the Elf on the Shelf idea, as do I, and we plan to do this when little man is old enough to appreciate it. Because I never got around to sharing any of our Elf on the Shelf photos from last year I thought I'd share them this year for those of you who do this with your kids so you might pick up a few new ideas. Of course if you have ideas or have shared a post about your Elf do leave me a link as I'm sure I'll need all the ideas I can get one day!

The Elf at my parent's house is named Adam Robert Nathaniel Oliver Lucas Danfeild the 1st... or Arnold for short. It's quite a long name, but he ended up with that when all of us together couldn't agree on one single name. I think it's pretty cool that he has six names though, don't you?

Please excuse the quality of some of these photos...I've learned a bit about photography since last year so I think my newer photos usually look a lot better than some of the old ones from back then...

One day Arnold hid in the Grandmother Clock.

Arnold eating a Christmas Cookie with the Little People.

Arnold sitting on an empty roll of toilet paper...

He had stuffed one of the kids stockings full of toilet paper!

Arnold the Elf using Scrabble tiles to say "Merry Christmas".

Arnold the Elf hiding up on the kitchen light.

Arnold snooping in the presents under the Christmas Tree.

Arnold hiding in mom's Christmas Tin's collection eating walnuts.

One day Arnold got out the cherrios and wrote each person's name at their seat at the table. He was quite exhausted from all that work!

Arnold the Elf enjoying a candy cane.

Arnold the Elf at the manger scene with Baby Jesus & the Little People.

And my favorite, Arnold the Elf reading "The Song of Mary"
(Luke 1:46-55) to the Little People.

Another great source for Elf on the Shelf ideas is my Pinterest board: Christmas Elf. I try to pin all the ideas I find or come across that I'd eventually like to do with our little man. I hope you enjoyed seeing what our Elf was up to last year and the ideas I'd like to do in the future for little man! Be sure to share links to posts on what your Elf was or is up to below in the comments!

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