Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blogging Tips | Signature Those Emails!

This post isn't a long post or even a's just a tip from one blogger to another: when you write an email to a blogger it's really a great idea to include either a link or direct URL to your blog after you write your name/finish the email.

Why? Because if your a blogger like me and you get an email from someone you haven't been in contact with before, or even from someone you've emailed previously, you may not remember the name of their blog, much less the URL. I find this super frustrating, especially when emailing people who are interested in guest posting. If you send me an email with an offer to guest post on my blog (no matter the subject), if you don't include a URL to your blog so I can see examples of what you've written I will probably write you back and turn down the offer.

"Signing" those emails is also a good habit to form so that anyone you email has a chance of clicking your link and viewing your blog. Who knows, maybe they haven't checked out your blog yet but they do because of the link and become one of your biggest fans!

Here is an example of exactly how I sign 95% of the emails I send out:

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog
Exercise Encouragement GROUP Blog

I know that yahoo mail has the option to link text (and I'm sure other email systems do as well, but this is what I use specifically) so if you can do a text link I think that's a better, more professional route vs. just the plain URL itself as you can see here:


See the difference? And if you're one of those bloggers whose blog name/title doesn't at all match the URL the first example is definitely a better choice because people are more likely to recognize the name of your blog vs. the URL by itself.

So, for those of you who write emails to bloggers or reply to emails sent to you, especially from bloggers, Please, Please, PLEASE! Add your name, blog name & URL at the end of your letter so we can find your blog! Thank you!

Oh, and one more thing: I'd avoid adding all the 'follow via' options (like follow me via: twitter, pinterest, facebook, bloglovin, etc). If someone really want's to follow you, and you're sending the link to your blog, they will (and should!) be able to find the social media options for following you on your blog ... not in an email. That just adds too much clutter to the end signature.


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