Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Little Man's Mossy Oak Quilt Begins

Work on the Mossy Oak quilt for my little man began earlier this month! I was SO excited to finally get it started. I had planned to make a baby quilt for him, but not having very much experience I started the squares out too big & too many in a row so when I do get it done it'll probably be a twin size quilt. Either way, I'm not really upset about this little mishap since he won't be a baby forever and this way the quilt will get more use.

Here are a few pics from the first days of working on the quilt:

First on the list the day I started work on little man's quilt was to iron out the fabric. I had washed and dried it already so it was in much need of ironing! Do you see my cat Demi who is hiding in the upper left part of the fabric? He was quite insistent on sitting on the fabric while I was trying to take a photo of it.

I first cut the fabric into 5 inch wide strips as far up as I could go with the first ruler length. I then moved to the next strip of fabric in the line.

Here's how the fabric looked once I got the first 5 inch cuts made. This is my cat Emerald (for those of you who don't know) she loves being involved in what ever sewing project I'm currently working on. She sat on the table while I was cutting squares, and more than once I had to make her move so the ruler would lay correctly!

I decided to go with 5x5 inch squares so that I would have less measuring to worry with. I am fortunate to have this lovely mat and ruler which make the job much easier.

This is part of the pinning process. I had to lay the fabric squares next to each other to make sure they were working in the same direction and wouldn't look too awkward next to each other on the finished quilt.

Here the sets are waiting in line for me to sew them together.

These are the finished sets. I did a single stitch and then did a zig zag stitch down one side and back up the other to make sure these squares don't come apart with multiple quilt washings.

Once I had the sets of 2 squares done I started piecing them together in rows. Once I got the first row put together I began working on the second row.

Here are two rows which are pieced and sewn together.

Once I got a row laid out I would pin together the parts which hadn't been sewn yet and did the sewing stuff mentioned above.

I had three great days of quilt work in when I sliced my first finger on my left hand with the roller blade. I was so mad! I saw my finger slip off the ruler just as the blade was coming the but there was no time to stop it from happening. It has taken about two weeks for my finger to heal. I have three rows of the quilt completely done and I plan to start work on the quilt again soon!

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