Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Gift | Movie, Popcorn & Hot Chocolate

Earlier this month I shared a post on 10+ Unique & Different Gift Ideas. The $10 Redbox movie gift gave me the idea to shop the $5 movie bin at Walmart to find gifts for my nieces and nephews. They all love movies and because they’re pretty thin and light shipping them was a breeze vs. the bigger bulky gifts we got them last year.

Each movie we wrapped had two packages of popcorn and a package of hot chocolate.

Black Friday leftover promo sales on movies (at Walmart) really helped out too (so keep that in mind for next year!). We got several newer movies (like the new Ice Age 4 and Despicable Me) for $2 and $4 vs. their regular prices ranging from $10-$18!

We picked up the movie Underdog for my nephew T.

Of course I did have to get a few movies from the $5 bin, but in all honesty it really wasn't that expensive when you consider how much you could spend on gifts for people!

Make This Gift
2 packages of popcorn (I chose Extra Butter)
1-2 packages of hot chocolate

1. Make your movie selection for each person you’ll be gifting this to.
2. Open the hot chocolate box and popcorn box and remove the packages needed for each gift.
3. Wrap the movie. Wrap the hot chocolate and popcorn. (You can use this tutorial I put together last year on wrapping gifts.)
4. Add a bow and a tag and you’re ready to gift it!

--This gift idea works well if you’re going to do this for multiple people. I did 4 gifts with a box of 8 packages of popcorn so it all got used up. I could have doubled up on the hot chocolate too, but didn't because I needed a few packages for another gift I was putting together.

--If you don’t want to spend money on hot chocolate and popcorn you could always get a $1 bag/box of candy to include with the movie (I did this for one of the little kids since they were too small for hot chocolate and definitely too small for popcorn).


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