Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Best Cat Toy Ever

I have had quite a few trial and errors in the cat toy department in the last eight months or so. I am SO happy to finally have a toy they both enjoy greatly! Back when we adopted our cat Emerald (she's the black one) I got a set of these Skitter Critters Catnip Mice from WalMart. Emerald LOVED them and played with the all the time. Not long after we adopted Demi (the grey cat in the pictures here) he started playing with the mice as well.

I would (and still do) find these mice all over the house. Demi is especially notorious for picking up the mice in his mouth and carrying them from our bedroom to the living room to the basement...pretty much everywhere. Half the mornings I wake up and get out of bed I step on a mouse... it's a good thing they're soft!

Demi was especially excited when I went a purchased a new set of mice. He would look at the mice on the package and then look back at me as if to say "when do I get to play with them?". Between Demi & Emerald two of the old mice have since been torn to bits and had to be thrown away. They are really enjoying these new mice and that's probably because of the fresh catnip in them.

While I was trying to take pics of the mice to write this blog post Demi kept sniffing them, looking at them, walking around them, at one point he tried to carry them off. He was more than ready to start playing with his new toys!

If you have young cats (both of mine are a years old and under) then these toys should be perfect for them! I love that they're less than $5 (inexpensive pet toys are the best) and that the first round of mice lasted for 6 months before the first one 'died' into bits. When this new batch starts to die out I'm sure I'll be getting a new set of these mice to replace it. I haven't seen my cats play with anything (writing pens knocked off the table, pieces of denim scraps from my sewing room, or cherrios dropped on the floor-before I can pick them up-when I make breakfast) more than they play with these mice.

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  1. We bought one from Walmart a few months back. It actually has an electronic squeak every time it is moved. Apollo & Kora love it! Not all Walmarts carry it though, we actually had to drive up to one about forty minutes from us to get it. lol. But, it was worth it. :)

    1. Oh how funny! I think one hubby wanted to get was like that. I said I didn't want a noisy toy since they like to play with them late at night when I'd like to be asleep lol. I guess I could always put it up until the morning... We might have to get one and try it out eventually!


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