Refashioning used to be something I did on a weekly basis...back in the summer/fall of 2012. Since then I haven't done near as many refashion projects...but that doesn't mean it's not a topic of interest anymore. I simply don't have time to refashion all the things I want to. I still love going to thrift stores, going through my closet, or digging through my box of 'clothes to refashion' to find something to change into something new and creative, but that doesn't happen very often right now. I still have a mountain of clothes I'd like to refashion, but those will have to wait for a less busy day...if that ever comes along!

To refashion something is to take something old or used and give it new life. It doesn't just have to be clothing. It could be a piece of furniture, a decor item, or something basic like a drinking glass. I think there are many people who 'refashion' things and just don't realize what it's called.

Below I've shared most of my latest refashion projects, but of course I can't keep every page of my blog 100% updated all the time so be sure to check out the Refashionista label to view anything that may not have been added to this page just yet! Quite a few of the refashion projects I've posted are tutorials so you can recreate them if you'd like!

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Refashion Projects with DIY Tutorials
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Refashion Projects without Tutorials

This page was last updated on 6/23/2013. To view anything new that might not yet be on this page be sure to check out the Refashionista Label.


  1. Hi Helen! Thanks so much for your comments on my blog recently, I did send you an email the other day, hopefully you got it :)

    1. You're most welcome!! I really enjoy reading Recycled Fashion! :) Yes I got the email. I am preparing for a short trip and have not had time to reply yet!


  2. Wow,you are so creative - I like the lace and ruffles.


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