Sunday, August 26, 2012

Refashionista | Crop Those Sleeves Off!

I have had this shirt for years. It is one of my favorite shirts ever....but it had a problem. The sleeves were a little short, and the bottom part near my hand was really wide. Rolling up the sleeves was fine except they wouldn't stay that there. I finally decided it was time to fix this shirt so that I could wear it and not fuss with the sleeves.

I love this shirt now! I have two like this actually. The other one is black and you can bet I will be cutting the sleeves off that one soon as well.

What I Did
1. I used a measuring tape for sewing and figured out how long I wanted the sleeves to be.
2. I folded the shirt in half, laid the sleeves on top of each other. Laid the measuring tape over the sleeves and found where I needed to cut them.
3. After the sleeves were cut I used pins and folded the raw edge under and pinned it in place.
4. I carefully sewed the edges and then cut all the strings.

Ta Da!

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