Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY Fabric Daisy

While I was in the process of making my Multi-Fabric Ruffled Skirt I suddenly thought, "why don't I put a flower on the side??" It was a great thought and if you have seen the skirt you know that I did end up putting a flower on it. Finding a fabric flower that was simple, however, was a different story. I have been saving pins of fabric flowers on Pinterest for months but many of them did not look like I wanted. I actually accidently stumbled upon this idea when I was looking at another fabric flower tutorial on Mad Mim. Here is her tutorial for this same flower.

What You Need
5 fabric squares of the same size.
A needle
A button large enough to cover the center
Embroidery thread (a very long piece is best!)

1. Take one of your 5 squares and fold it in half. The 'good sides' need to be facing out.

2. Begin stitching large stitches along the very edge on the raw sides.
3. As you finish the first piece, hold the end of the string and bunch the fabric together. This will make your first petal.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all five pieces of fabric are on the same string as pictured.
5. Now you are ready to bunch all of the petals together. After you do this, run the needle through the first flower piece again. This will create the circle shape. Using the end of the thread that you held earlier, tie the thread into a knot to secure the circle.
6. On my flower I stitched the middle together so that the raw edges were all on the bottom of the flower. There was not pattern to this, I just poked the needle in a piece and then poked it into another piece until every raw edge couldn't be seen from the top.
7. Finally add your button. Make sure to secure it well and make sure that it isn't lose once you pull the needle through the back side of the flower.

8. Sew onto a skirt/shirt/cardigan. Or check out this tutorial from my blog on making hair pieces.

~For this flower I used a piece of fabric 6x6 inches for all the petals.

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