Monday, August 13, 2012

My Designs | Multi-Fabric Ruffled Skirt

I was (am) very proud of how this skirt experiment turned out!

The Story Of This Skirt
Less than two weeks ago I found this amazing photo on Pinterest which lined to Piece of You. The blog just had the photos, but that's all I needed. I knew I had a skirt design making in my mind. On August 12th I decided to start this skirt. Many months ago I had found the most amazing pair of trouser pants at a thrift store. They were from The Gap. I got them for 2.50, but I'm sure originally the price was around 40-50 bucks.

Finding fabric for the ruffles.

In figuring out the skirt design the first thing I did was look through all of my fabric to see if/what I had that went well together. I was surprised at how many fabric bits and pieces I found. Next I laid each fabric type in the order I wanted them to appear in the skirt. I began cutting fabric. I started to make a different ruffle than I usually do, but it failed so I went back to my usual style (like the ones used in the Refashions: Capri's to Skirt and Denim Skirt with Ruffles). Now I was on the path to success!

The skirt took a lot of work and a lot of thinking and careful cutting, but less than 15 hours later it was finished. I love the way the skirt fits me and I think it is very unique. My sister says it's like a masterpiece painting. I like that. :)

This skirt is not a tutorial because it was extremely difficult to make and it would take a lot to explain in a post how this was made. There is a tutorial for the ruffles on both of the posts linked above. The flower however is a tutorial which you can find here! Be sure to check it out because it is super easy and so very cute!

I met my goal of finishing this skirt in two days. I am pleased with that. I now feel like I am getting to be a better seamstress and am looking forward to other projects which I now have the courage to attempt after having made this skirt.

In Making This Skirt
For the ruffles I did different lengths and most of them are different widths as well. The top floral fabric is 5x22 (five inches by twenty-two inches); the blue floral fabric is 6x24; the yellow floral fabric is 6 1/2x26; the pink floral fabric is 8x28; and finally the bottom floral fabric is 6 1/2x32.

Here is a link from my blog on how to make these ruffles.
Here is a link from my blog to make the flower with a button middle.

Check Out The Details!
Here are a few photos showing the skirt from different angles, and of course, a close-up of the fabric flower! I love taking photos and this skirt is so unique that I felt it needed a shot from each direction so here goes!

The very frot of the skirt.
The left front/side of the skirt.
The left side of the skirt.
The left side/back.
This skirt is a bit long for me and I should've been
wearing heels instead of sandals.
The back of the skirt.
The right side of the skirt.
And of course a close up of the fabric daisy!
DIY tutorial here!
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  1. Your skirt turned out really cute, I love it!

  2. OMW!!! Thats the CUTEST skirt EVERRRR!!! I could NEVERRR make that buuuut if you were selling them i would order one!!! :))) Thanks for following my blog!!! :))))

  3. Lol Thanks! I am considering selling clothing, but right now I am still in the designing stage. I only have a few things I've designed you can find all of them under the "My Designs" link in the topics list on the right side of the blog.


  4. You make the prettiest pieces of clothing!

  5. This is too cute - loving the flower!


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