Monday, August 6, 2012

My Personal Goals for August

I have had a rough past two weeks due to a change in medicine dosage. This has been very hard on me, my body/brain, and on all of my family that have to live with my psycho self during the time that the medicine takes to start working like it should. Because of the medicine change I have been doing basically nothing. I don't feel like sewing, I don't want to cook, and everything else has no appeal either.

That being said... For the month of August I am challenging myself in several areas. The first is I want to workout my arms to get them into shape. This is part of my Challenge | Fit Arms Part 1. My second challenge is to Remove 100 Things in 1 Week (post comming soon!). I also want to challenge myself to read my Bible more. I have been very lazy in reading it. I used to do pretty well at reading it daily, but since my May vacation I have really not been reading except on occasion. To help with this third challenge I plan to work hard on several Bible studies which I will then post the results for you to read yourself.

As for my regular posts on crafting and baking have no fear there will be plenty! Just yesterday I asked our neighbor if he minded if I picked up the apples laying all over his back yard. I know have about 5 gallons of apples sitting in the kitchen which means I will be making apple pies and apple butter tonight and tomorrow! Not only does he have apples, but so does another neighbor further down the street who I will be asking to pick up his apples as well. Oh yes! I forgot to mention my grandma has an apple tree too... lol. I will be very busy making all sorts of things with apples in it! I am very excited!!

I am working on a quilt for when I get married. This won't be a tutorial because I have been doing so many different things on it and it has been so complicated that it would be next to impossible to explain....but I do hope to finish it this month! Yesterday I stopped at a yard sale and found the perfect backing for my quilt (one reason why I haven't touched it for two weeks is I didn't know what I would put on the back of it): a king size Egyptian cotton sheet! I was lucky to find this for less than .25! Yay me! I love finding good deals. This quilt has been basically free which is the best part! I cannot wait for it to be done so that I can show it off. I have named it The Queen's Quilt because of all the rich colors and fabrics.

So basically:
~Workout my arms
~Get rid of 100 things
~Read my Bible
~Finish my quilt
~And create recipes using apples!

What do you have planned for this month?

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