Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Weekly Review #28

On today's WWR I am going to pull a few posts from Blue Eyed Beauty's archives and feature them here. These are not posts listed on my sidebars because they're not quite as popular, but they are still great or are just favorites of mine and I'd like to draw attention to them once take a moment to scroll through and possibly view some Blue Eyed Beauty Blog history! :)

In February 2012 I posted this 3 Ingredient Sugar Scrub recipe. This is a personal favorite sugar scrub recipe of mine, and it's been a popular read here on Blue Eyed Beauty Blog with over 160 views!

March 2012 was a slow blogging month with only one post published: Helen's Homemade Granola recipe. I am always making a batch of this granola up because it's one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast! If Molasses Granola is more you style then be sure to check out that recipe too!

April 2012 was a pretty active blogging month, at least for me as a newbie that is! This Oreo Cake is something that people with a sweet tooth cannot turn down! I personally love it and am actually wanting a piece of it just looking at the picture!

May 2012 was a dead month. Aka there were no blog posts published then.

June 2012 was the first month with over 20 blog posts published! For a complete review of the month you can view the post Busy June Completed Projects. There were lots of delicious recipes and drinks shared along with a few DIY projects too. This Curvy Girl Workout is one I put together for myself. I was really consistent with it for about a year. This past year I've been pretty lazy though, but I sometimes still do bits and pieces of the workout.

July 2012 brought a new record high of more than 75 published posts! Among those were posts of different summery outfits, delicious summer foods, healthy tips, refashion projects, a few girly DIY projects...and the list goes on. One of my favorite recipes though was this Homemade "Nutella". It tastes just as good as the store bought, but is mostly homemade and makes quite a bit too!

August 2012 brought a close to summer style posts, but brought the beginning to the many recipes of how to use apples. Among the August posts was this one on How To Easily Peel Tomatoes for Canning or Freezing. This is something my momma taught me and I'm sure it will get lots of use one day when I am finally able to have a full garden.

September 2012 set a new record high with over 110 published blog posts! I started writing my own blogging tips, introduced the Apostolic Pentecostal Bloggers Updates, began writing posts for Refashion Co-op, and joined Bloglovin! I also introduced a game: The 5 Things Game. If you like easy to remember games for road trips with friends or church events this is something you should definitely check out!

October 2012 was a busy sewing month for me. I shared several sewing tutorials for skirts which have been quite popular ever since, and I created and finished my first dress ever with NO pattern! This was my costume for Halloween. It was based off The Confessor's White Dress from The Legend of the Seeker, click here to view the completed dress and other posts related. I've actually never done anything for that holiday until last year...Autry heard I'd never been trick-or-treating and decided we would go with the kids. Of course I made the whole dress from thrifted white bed sheets, but it still turned out fabulous!

November 2012 BEB Blog hit over 100 followers! At the time I never thought that would happen, but was thrilled that it did. The biggest post I put together in the month of November was the post 60+ General Things For Your BOB (aka in case of emergency backpack).

December 2012 brought TONS of Christmas related posts. From DIY projects, to gifts, to foods with a Christmas spin on them...that was a fun blogging month! Even though the paper is Christmassy everyone needs to know How To Gift Wrap A Box! :)

So there you have 2012 in review! :) If you were a reader in 2012, what Blue Eyed Beauty post was/is your favorite? I always like to know what my readers enjoy most! 

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