Friday, June 28, 2013

Homemaking 101 | Apartment Living Collaboration

I thought I might should make one great post to share all the other posts I've written about living in an apartment...PLUS sharing some new tips that I haven't yet blogged about. Until we no longer live in an apartment I'm sure I'll be adding things to this list...

Tips on Surviving Apartment Living

1. Be nice to your neighbors. In our apartment they come four apartments to a section. I've met the neighbors directly across from me, and directly above me. We chat a little most of the times we see each other. The neighbors across and above I've said "hi" to, but I don't really know them...

2. Check your mail often. If you don't get much mail you may forget to check the mailbox...I have no excuse for forgetting to check the mail, it just happens. And if you get mail that's from someone else, make sure to put 'not at this address' and stick it at the back of the box so the mail person will take it back the next time they come.

3. Pay your rent on time! For our apartments we have to pay a 'late fee' of $5 for each day that our rent is turned in late. That can get quite pricey!

4. Let the landlord know as soon as something goes wrong. For example, our counter in the kitchen is coming up (I've told them about this twice and they haven't fixed it yet). Or another example, our garbage disposal quit working. Usually they should be able to come fix those things within a day or so.

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