Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Summer 8 Projects List

Since there are about 10 weeks of Summer (in my book that is) I've decided to make a goal of completing one task most of those weeks. If you missed my Spring 10 List you can still check it out...I didn't get everything on that completed, but I got the important ones done! :)

10 weeks. June 2-August 10. 8 Projects I'd like to complete.
And here they are....

Project: Get my house clean!
This includes my kitchen (dishes mostly), dining room (organizing and putting things away), living room (finishing up my footstool redo project that's been 'in progress' for over two weeks now), bathroom (everything needs a good cleaning in there!), sewing/craft room (just general organizing), bedroom (get the laundry done and put away!).

Also, I want to put together a weekly wipe-off chore list so that I can better keep up with house chores in the future. That has been a struggle for me lately and is something I want to work extra hard on this summer.

Project: Get paperwork done!
I have quite a bit of random paperwork things that I need to finish up. And I have stuff that I still have to do like mail out Thank You cards from our wedding!! (yikes!) So that'll be a good project to have done!

Project: Finish Home Decor.
I'd like to work on a few projects leftover in my home decor area. My dining room and bedroom still need some work! I will try to put together a post of the ideas I still like to share with you!

Project: Celebrate being pregnant!
This isn't really a task/project to do but there are some things related to being pregnant that I need to get done. I know that I'm gonna need some different clothes since the ones I have barely or don't fit already so that's one thing I want to work on during the week: creating/sewing new pregnancy clothing.

Project: Start working on baby things!
I want to crochet a few baby blankets (since we're having a winter baby) so I plan to start working on a few of those in the near future as well since it'll take a month or longer to make just one and I would like more than one made before the baby comes! (One it white, one in brown for sure and then either blue or pink depending on what we have!)

I need to seriously start a baby journal. I'm a writer so this is important to me...especially since many times I forget what things were like if I don't write them down.

Another thing would be to make a list of what I think we're gonna need for the new baby when he/she comes along.

Project: Home Organization!
Three rooms in my house need some organization makeovers...those rooms are my bathroom, the kitchen, and my sewing/craft room. I'd like to focus a week or so on making these three rooms more organized.

Project: Schedule Regular Blog Posts.
Lately my blog has been sadly lacking since I've had these laptop issues. I'm trying my best to keep it updated but it's no where near where I'd like it to me. Plus there are several series that are easily written and scheduled in bulk (The Wednesday Weekly Review, Words On Sunday, and This Is Me for example). I also have a ton of other posts that just need finishing touches such as a photo added or a few more lines typed to them to be finished up so I can work on getting those done...as long as my laptop behaves!

Project: Bake & Cook Food!
There are several recipes that I've been really wanting to try lately so even though this isn't really something that can be done all at one time (since I am only one person and hubby rarely eats the baked muffins, breads, etc.) but I do want to get a few things checked off that list! Here are a few of the recipes I'm wanting to try in the near future: Amish Cinnamon Bread, Easy Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastry, Overnight Blueberry French Toast, Brazillian Beans & Rice (family recipe), Tater Tot Casserole, and so many more!!

What are some things you want to get done this summer?


  1. That is a tall order over the summer. Is it that pregnancy energy?


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