Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bucket Listed | An Introduction Post

Last year I put together a LOT of posts on things to do with my bucket list. A few days ago I ran across one of those old posts and thought maybe it was time to start a series to share the accomplishments I've made towards reaching some of my personal goals. I've completed quite a few things over the past year and many of them without even thinking about trying to check off another item on the list. I'll share with you the original post links and then I'll share one thing I've completed. I may make this a regular post for Thursday's since it doesn't have anything assigned to it yet. We'll see how it goes.

Bucket List/Goal Posts from 2012

Bucket List/Goal Posts from 2013

From 55 Achieved Thus Far
I thought I'd share a few photos from the first post I wrote:  55 Life Goals Achieved Thus Far. Except this time, instead of just sharing the photo and putting a few sentences after it, I thought I would add a few links to the actual completed projects I've posted on BEBBlog or share a photo of my own relating to the goal.

Number One on this list: Bake A Cake.
You all know I've baked a LOT of cakes!!
Here are the links to my favorite cakes on BEBBlog:

Apple Pecan Cake. Heaven in your mouth! I already can't wait for apple season this year so I can make this at least two more times!!

Iced Blueberry Lemon Bundt Cake. A recipe I created earlier this spring when I was craving cake & blueberries. It is quite tasty if I do say so myself!

Mini Cheesecakes. One of the desserts we served at our wedding. A family favorite recipe for many years.

Number Twenty-Three: Have A Black Cat.
I've actually owned two black cats now.

This is Mocha. He was a long-haired, outdoor cat. He was gorgeous when he was clean, but he never kept his fur very clean lol. I miss him. I had to leave him in Oklahoma when I moved.

This is Boots. He was the apartment neighborhood cat. I was VERY allergic to him. He would sneak into the apartment anytime I left the door open long enough for him to get past me. He no longer lives around here. I'm not really sure what happened to him.

Emerald is my second black cat. Autry gave her to me in April. She has been great company ever since. Read her more about her on the label Emerald.

Number Thirty-One: Learn how to play guitar.
This is something that I worked on for about four years. After the car wreck I tried working on learning new songs, but no luck. Now I have two acoustic guitars sitting in their cases in the corner of my spare room. It's probably been about 2 years since I've played anything.

This is one of my High School Graduation photos (2009). That is my second acoustic guitar. It's a Jasmine Talkamine. I love it. It sounds beautiful and plays beautiful.

Another High School Graduation photo (2009). I played a little on the electric guitar too. I think it was a little more fun than plain acoustic, but in the end I now prefer acoustic to electric.

Well, this concludes the first post for the Bucket Listed Series. A lot of things I'll have to go back through REALLY old photos to find so that may take awhile, but there sure are plenty of things to work on until then.

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