Saturday, June 15, 2013

This Is Me | More Ideas Than Time

Welcome to week three of getting to know me! :)

{photo via Chris Piascik}

Today I'm going to share with you something that's not exactly a secret: I have many more ideas than I ever have time to complete them all!! And bucket lists? I have so many things on them I doubt I'll ever complete them!! But I always thought that at least if I made lists of things I wanted to do or things I wanted to get done then I had something to strive towards vs. having no plans at all... I think I get that from my momma. She was always making lists, granted a lot of them were chore lists and I hated them as a kid, but they helped me learn to do so many things that I use every day in keeping my house (somewhat) clean now as a married woman. I never thought I would use those things. Turns out my momma is a smart woman! I hope I'm like her when I have kids looking up to me.

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