Friday, June 28, 2013

Stafford Rehearsal Photos

Finally *some* of the photos from our wedding are ready to go up on the blog! I can't believe it's taken me almost 5 months to get this up. Time has gone by so fast! Anyway, I'm going to start with photos from the rehearsal, then go to the dinner, the night before, and a few morning of. Day of photos will have to be in a separate post since I don't have very many of those re-sized to go up on the blog (re-sizing and adding the BEBBlog logo sticker is what takes so long!).

Matthew, the preacher of our wedding, and I going over the order of events before the rehearsal.

The pretty menu telling everything we had for dinner. The roses in the background were waiting to be made into a bouquet. In the very far back you can see the layers of the cake sitting, ready to be decorated.

Autry & I, Matthew, the preacher, and my best friends little brother.

I made matching "hubby" and "wifey" shirts for us. Well, his is a shirt, mine's a sweatshirt. I get a lot colder than he does! We wore these after the wedding on our honeymoon.

We had a beautiful build-your-own salad bar. You can see all the lovely topping options there including boiled eggs, raisins, bell pepper, croutons, spinach and more!

This is me sneaking a bite of the Tiramisu I made for the wedding. I hadn't tried it and wanted to make sure it  tasted alright. This was my first time to make it all by myself. Back when I worked at the family run Italian restaurant in Oklahoma I watched it being made several times and even was aloud to sprinkle the dark chocolate on top a few times too!

Here is the Tiramisu in all it's glory! I want so badly to make another one!!

These are the Mini Cheesecakes which I'm sure you saw me post about awhile back. They were DELICIOUS as well!

If you haven't noticed, the theme for our rehearsal dinner was Italian foods. We served spaghetti noodles with the choice of red sauce or Alfredo sauce. There were homemade meatballs, buttered toast and freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Autry & I fixing our plates of food.

Here was my first plate. Of course I had to go back for more!

Later on, after the rehearsal crowd (not that there were a lot of people there lol, just some family and the wedding party) had dispersed I tried on the wedding dress. This dress was found at the local thrift store and I only paid $40 for it! Of course the neckline was MUCH lower than I was comfortable with so I ended up using fabric from the now somewhat famous 0.25 cent wedding dress to fill in the gaps and make it more comfortable.

My dearest best friend Kora working away to get the rest of the wedding dress top finished before the Big Day! She worked so hard to help get our wedding as perfect as could be.

Kora again! This time she is wrapping together the stems of the roses to make my bouquet. I still have it hanging in my bathroom where I left it to dry after the wedding was over. See it here.

The morning of the Big Day. Kora is putting the finishing touches on our beautiful wedding cake! It was an almond cake with tiny bits of almonds in it and was finished off with a butter cream icing!

As I said, Kora did a LOT to help with our wedding. Here she is fixing my hair. I wish I could figure out how to do it up like she did that day. It was so gorgeous!!

Kora & I on the Big Day getting ready to head out to the river!

Well that is what I have together for now! I'll continue working on the Big Day photos, but there are MANY more of those so it will take a bit to finish them up. Hopefully this will help all of you who have asked for photos since now I at least have a few up! :)
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  1. I love the matching hubby/wifey shirts! And Kora, WOW!, I bet all future brides out there want to become her new best friend! Thanks for getting some photos posted. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. I didn't even notice that your dress was a combination of two dresses until I read about it. Clever!


  3. How lovely! Your dress is so becoming. I love what you did to the neckline. I totally love your Hubby and Wifey shirt/sweatshirt too. You two look so cute in them.


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