Monday, June 10, 2013

Days with Emerald

Her alert pose. She does this when she hears something in another room.

In April I wrote a post on how hubby & I were adopting a little cat. We got her a few days later but I haven't written much on her since then. Her name is case you missed the first post. She has been quite the fun & active little cat to have around and she is GREAT company! Although she's terrible about trying to play at night...I finally decided she has to stay out of the room at night since she can't seem to find a spot and stay laying down. She cries outside the door for awhile and then she eventually goes off and finds something to keep her occupied.

First day: exploring her new home.

First day: looking out the front windows.

First day: oh, there's the litter box...

Exploring the bathtub on one of her first days. She still does this. Not sure why.

When hubby lays on the floor sometimes after he gets back from work she will rub up on his beard.

Chewing the mouse...

Stalking the mouse...

Playing with the mouse some more...

Left: more cat & mouse games.
Right: perched on the back of the couch. A favorite spot of hers.

Sleeping on my cover up blankets. (I get cold easily so I'm always using a blanket.)

Emerald's "Queen on a Throne" pose.

One day I went out to run earrends...I came back and this is how I found them.

Emerald perched in my recliner chair. She acts like it's her chair lol.

I've noticed that I really have to watch her while I'm crocheting because
she has a tendency to go after the trail of yarn if I don't.

If only she would do this at night instead of the middle of the afternoon!

Sleeping you see her tongue?

This time I'm sleeping and she's perched herself on top of me!

She has an odd habit of sitting behind her food and water...and she's a messy eater too.
She gets food all over her little rug and the floor! I've never seen such a messy cat.

She is always very curious when it comes to my sewing projects.
I really have to watch her when I'm working on something to make sure
she doesn't step on any of the pins/needles or run off with the elastic!

Well there you have the last few weeks of what Emerald's been up to. Most of the time she sleeps on the couch during the day, or looks out the window and watches the neighbors come and go. I have to keep my craft/sewing room door closed almost all the time unless I'm going to be in there or will be able to watch her to make sure she doesn't get into stuff. People say, "it must be like having a newborn in the house." I correct them and say, "no, a three-year-old...newborns don't get into stuff!" I love having her company though. :)


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