Friday, July 5, 2013

Date Night | Candle Light Dinner For 2

This is a series that I started last year when Autry & I were dating. I haven't updated it since October because I usually forget to take the camera with me when we do go on a fun date. However, in recent months I've been bringing along the camera so now I have a few new things to write about for this series so you may see it pop up in your news feed once a month or so.

Today's date night idea: Fix a Fancy Dinner For 2 with Candles!

About two months ago Autry & I were talking and we realized that we had NEVER had a candle light dinner together! Ever! So I was off on a mission to solve this problem. In more recent weeks we finally did have our first candle light dinner and it was quite fun!

Our Dinner Menu:

Cream Style Corn, fixed with black pepper
Great Mary's Green Beans, cooked with bacon & pepper
Stouffers Meat & Cheese Lasagna
Sparkling Cider, non-alcoholic, made with 100% juice

To make it even more fun we used the 'champagne glasses' from our wedding to drink the sparkling cider.

What would you like you candlelight dinner be?

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  1. S did this for me...for my birthday. It was the most HORRID day, too. Took me 6 hours to get home because of some freak snow storm. I still remember how special it was and how much I totally loved him more that day.

    We really should do this...or at least try to once a month.


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