Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FAIL | Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies

This past December (2012) I was really in the cookie baking mood. I made a LOT of really awesome cookies such as the Double Chocolate Peppermint Drop Cookies, and the Snowman Sugar Cookies. Even though I had a mostly successful baking season last winter, there was one recipe that just didn't turn out right...and thus it was never blogged. Now it's entirely possible that I didn't do something right in the recipe, but they just weren't my favorite. The cookies I made turned out tasty but they were super thick and heavy. They were nothing like I had expected and mine just didn't turn out pretty...which when you're a food blogger you WANT pretty things to photograph!

Now I'm not saying that these cookies turned out bad because of the recipe I used, I'm just saying that my first experience in making them wasn't great. If you'd like to try your hand at these cookies (and her's look SO much better than mine!!) then stop by the blog Chef In Training: Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies.

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