Friday, July 12, 2013

Homemaking 101 | Our Apartment Kitchen

Today I'm going to share with you some photos of our newly reorganized kitchen. This project took three people (myself included) about 8 hours one day and 4 or 5 the next day...and we have a small kitchen! I had stuff EVERYWHERE! Nothing was terribly organized and there was just so much random stuff that I had collected but hadn't brought myself to get rid of. It was crazy! I'm just glad to have my kitchen back in working order and for everything to be organized! I wish I had before photos, but I don't. Sorry!

I'm going to start with the more boring stuff first and end with the cute stuff! :)

This is our main food storage cabinet. At the moment it's a little empty because I need to head to the store and restock it, but you can still see the labels which will help me remember where to put everything.

This is actually a BEFORE photo of what our food cabinet looked like. This is when it's mostly stocked. Of course with the rearranging the baking things no longer go in this cabinet so that gives me a TON more room to stock up on canned items like corn, green beans, pinto beans, diced tomatoes, etc.

This is the 'breakfast' cabinet. On the left you see the hot cereals (like oatmeal) and on the right are the cold cereals. Yes, I like a variety of cereal to choose from! :)

Here's my new baking cabinet. Now as you will see below I have most of my baking stuff in cute glass jars, this is where I keep the extra stuff that doesn't fit in the jars and then of course there's the odd stuff like cooking spray that doesn't go in jars...

This cabinet is where I now keep my dishes. I used to have a bunch of dishes in my cabinet but I was having a difficult time keeping the ones I used washed so we (the organizers) decided to pack half of them up so I'd have a better chance of keeping my kitchen clean.

Here is my freshly cleaned stove. In the corner you see three mason jars with different things in them. One has my whisks for baking, another has my wood spoons and spatulas, and the big jar in the back has cooking utensils like ladles, spatulas and noodle scoopers.

This is the corner cabinet. You can see the shadow of the cabinet in the photo above. This is where I keep my food storage containers and juice containers (for when I make juice or Hand-Squeezed Sweet Lemonade).

This is my pot cabinet. It's pretty empty, but everything doesn't have to be completely maxed out. Keeping the lids with the pots helps the cabinet stay organized.

This is my baking pans cabinet. I keep all the pyrex pans, bread pans, cake pans, cutting boards, and mixing bowls in this cabinet. In the blue container is cake decorating stuff which I haven't used yet, but I want to at some point.

This shelf was rescued from the side of the road. It has a little water damage on the bottom right side, but over all it's pretty good for being free. It has three shelves, a drawer and then a cabinet at the very bottom. The jars I collected over a few months of shopping at thrift stores, yard sales, and antique stores. I don't think I paid more that $3 for any of them except the giant flour jar in the back of the second shelf on the left. That was over $10. The top shelf has the random odds and ins of the cabinets such as raisins, banana chips, spices, almonds, rice, dried beans, etc. The second shelf is all my baking stuff: flour, sugar(s), baking powder & soda, salt, etc. I also have on the right liquid ingredients like vanilla flavor, honey, & molasses.

This is the drawer from the shelf. Anything related to drinks is now stored here: tea, coffee, dry creamers for coffee, lemonade mix, soda, and then the portable coffee cups & drink bottles.

These are the random pretty jars I picked up while searching for the jars to put on my shelf. I didn't end up using these because they had corks in them, but I didn't want to get rid of them so they are now a fridge top decoration which I really like.

This is our apartment kitchen! It is for sure MUCH better now that it's been organized. I'm really enjoying having less dishes in the cabinets, and I like that my glass jar collection turned out so nicely.

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