Friday, May 10, 2013

Homemaking 101 | Stocking The Kitchen Cabinets

I realize that it's been a few weeks since I updated on this series, but I have been having Laptop Issues. :( I do have the next part of the Moving Out On Your Own series here though and it is Stocking The Kitchen Cabinets, and fridge, and anything else! Read on and leave your tips in the comments please!

There are some things that you DO think about when you get your first place on your own...and one of those are food! Seriously, who doesn't think about food? Especially when you move out and realize it's a lot more expensive than you ever realized! I'm just going to share with you a list of basic foods which give you a lot of different meal options. Of course you know what foods you like and dislike so edit the list as needed for your own personal tastes!

Stick Butter/Tub of Butter
Gallon of Milk
Mayo/Miracle Whip
Sandwich meat(s) & Sliced Cheese
Shredded Cheese/Block Cheese
Ground Beef
Chicken Breast
Ranch Dressing (or another dressing)

Baking Items
Flour (white/wheat)
Baking Soda
Baking Powder
White Sugar
Brown Sugar
Powdered Sugar

Cabinet Items
Loaves of Bread
Apple Cider Vinegar
White Vinegar
Canned Vegetables: corn, green beans, peas, spinach, etc.
Canned Tomatoes: paste, sauce, diced, etc.
Pastas: spaghetti, elbow, etc.
Peanut butter/Almond butter
Dried Rice
Dried Beans: black, red, kidney, lentils, etc.
Canola Oil

What are your top food must haves?

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  1. We are all still waiting to see some wedding pictures Helen :-)

  2. Heh, what fun post :-) Let's see, what do I ALWAYS have in the house?

    - milk
    - cereal
    - bread
    - yoghurt
    - fruit
    - nuts and dried fruit mix
    - tomatoes, courgettes, mushrooms
    - lettuce, carrots, peppers
    - canned beans, peas and artichokes (sp?)
    - coke

    Those are pretty much my essentials, I think. But I have a whole lot more in the house than that of course.

  3. Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great day! You have a cute blog! :)

  4. Hi, Helen! I hope your laptop is behaving soon! I miss you! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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