Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lets Talk About Hair | Using Coconut Oil

This is a series that I used to write posts for on a fairly regular basis last year. The posts are still recieving lots of views and I often get emails from girls asking about curly hair care. I want to try and keep this a little more updated than every six months since there is for sure plenty of stuff I haven't shared about taking care of naturally curly hair!

Today I want to share with you one of the best ways to get soft, smooth hair: coconut oil. Now if you're one of those girls who has viewed all the coconut oil posts on Pinterest and been like, 'well, I wanted to try that, but I can't find the stuff anywhere'...I was there once, but not anymore!

About 4 months ago I was shopping at WalMart for regular things and happened to need some vitamin refills so I headed over to the vitamin section. While trying to find the vitamins I needed (calcium, vitamin c, biotin, and melatonin) I accidently discovered a huge bottle of Spring Valley Extra Virgin Solid Coconut Oil. It was quite heavy too! At that time it cost about $10 for the oil. I almost didn't get it, but finally decided I might as well since I had spent months searching for this stuff and this was the first place I was able to find it. I didn't notice the 'solid' part on the bottle until I got home and opened it. Much to my surprise though the 'oil' was easy to warm up and apply to my hair. Here is what I do:

An hour, thirty minutes, or even 15 minutes before I take a shower I break out the coconut oil. First I start by finger detangling my curls. Usually this isn't a hard process, but sometimes my hair can get quite tangled up!

Next I rub off a little bit of the solid oil onto my hands. Then I rub my hands together until the solid is gone and all that's left is a puddle of greasy, shiny oil. I run this through my hair, making sure to especially coat the ends. I try not to put too much in the roots so that they won't look greasy after I wash my hair.

Now I twist my hair up into a bun of sorts and use a giant clip to keep it in place. I look for the clock and then wait 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or even an hour before I hop into the shower.

In the shower I use a regular shampoo and conditioner on my hair to work out the grease of the oil. My hair usually feels extremely soft and smooth after it drys and is for sure MUCH less frizzy than before when I didn't use coconut oil on my hair.

Coconut oil is something I plan to use on my hair for quite some time. It's MUCH easier to use when compared to olive oil and doesn't take near as long to rinse out in the shower. I still like my Olive Oil Hair Treatment, but this is more practical for daily/weekly use.

Have you used Coconut Oil on your hair?

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  1. I've found it at WalMart in the baking aisle. Never thought of looking in the HBA.

    I've been thinking of trying this. My hair gets a bit frizzy and fly away. Of course, it's finer than cotton candy. :(

    Thanks for the tip!

    1. Yes! I actually just saw it there last week too (of course this post was written a few weeks ago so I forgot to include that). I was quite surprised seeing as that's one of the first times I've found it anywhere except in the vitamin section!

      I recommend giving it a try! My hair is a little frizzy right now because I've neglected using this since I went on vacation to Mississippi in May! I used to be very regular about using it and love the way my hair looks & feels when I do!


  2. In India coconut oil has been and is used for hair for centuries. We even had to use it when we were young, growing up in the western world. If you immerse your bottle in hot water the coconut oil solid mass will liquefy, it's much easier to use than the solid mass. Once the bottle has cooled again the coconut oil turns back to solid. Enjoy!

    1. I actually read a lot about girls from India using coconut oil on their hair and that's what really made me want to try it because the ones I saw had such thick gorgeous hair! I'm sure coconut oil alone doesn't make hair that pretty, but I do know it helps!

      Thanks for the tip about warming it up before usiing. I hadn't thought to try that..


  3. I've only tried this once before, but it might be time to try it again. My family jokes that coconut oil is the magic cure for almost anything. :)


  4. Hi Helen,
    thanks for your sweet comments on my blog and the follow! I follow you too now :-)

    This post comes at the perfect time, I just bought a jar of coconut oil because one of my friends swears it does wonders to fade stretch marks on your skin. I'm growing my hair out (had it short for 10 years) and it gets quite frizzy, so I will give it a try! Thanks for the tip!


  5. Coconut is a MUST for me! I just wrote a post about my favorite products and coconut oil is on the list :)


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