Saturday, July 27, 2013

Blue & Rosy Pink Blog Design {for sale!}

Hello lovely readers! As some of you know, I do spend some time designing looks for blogs. I came up with this one this past week, but didn't end up using it. I've put it up for sale on the Blue Eyed Beauty Store.

This is the Blue & Rosy Pink Blog Design. You can see the preview here on Blue Eyed Beauty Store.

This is what the put together design looks like. I had it up on one of my testing blogs so I could get this photo. It's saved as {dot} JPG on purpose, but when purchased you will have the {dot} PNG version so it will be crystal clear.

Here are the social media icons I've put together for this set.

Design Specifics
~Full light-blue background
~Rosy Pink header with light blue shadowing
~6 rosy pink social media icons (see above)
~unique blog buttons with grab box (regular & featured buttons)
~custom menu bar
~I can install it for you with no extra charge

Other options for this design can be discussed. It may cost more depending on what it is.

The images in this post & on the store are purposely saved in {dot} JPG, but when you purchase this blog design package you will be getting everything in {dot} PNG so everything loaded on your blog will look crystal clear! I just didn't want anyone able to easily copy the design.

This design is up for sale for $30. For anything not already included in the package may cost $10 more. Email me if you're interested!

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