Saturday, July 13, 2013

This Is Me | Country Boy in Blue Jeans? Yes Please!

Notice the new series header? I'm working on updating all the series headers so they all have the blue jeans background, but haven't quite got them all done yet. It's a TON of work! Anyway, today I'm going to share a bit about my hubby since his birthday is this coming Monday. (I have a special birthday post ready to go Monday so don't miss that either!)

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I love Autry. We have been through a lot together. His sweetness and is country attitude won me over when we were young in our relationship and are still present today. Autry is quite the sweetheart. We dated long distance for a little over 9 months before we finally met in person. During those months he would send me sweet texts in the morning for me to read when I woke up. He would email me links to songs on youtube which I usually added to my regular playlist. He helped calm me down when I was upset or nervous about college homework that was SO overwhelming to me.

Meeting in person was one of the most wonderful days of my life. The months that followed were not always easy. We had to learn how to adjust from being in a long distance relationship with eachother to being in a close relationship. Everything about it was different, but it wasn't all bad. Now we could go on dinner dates together, go see a movie, attend church together for the first time, go to the zoo or visit parks. We learned a new way to love each other.

In December 2012 I wasn't surprised that we were engaged, but the way he proposed DID surprise me because we were just going to a local Christmas Parade. I didn't think anything would happen that night...and I was wrong! :) Getting married was another huge memory day for us. We got married down at Black River @ K Bridge in Annapolis, MO. The river was beautiful, the weather wasn't too cold...a few friends and some family were there to help us celebrate.

Moving into together was a new experience for both of us. I'd never lived on my own, but he had lived on his own before. Learning how to adjust to the weird habits of the other person is something I think we're still working on, but it's much better now than it was in those first months.

Finding out we are going to have a baby was wonderful. We both wanted a baby and weren't really sure if I'd be able to have one or if I'd be able to get pregnant because of the car wreck. We had just started seeing a doctor to have everything checked when a few weeks later I was walking in Walmart with his sister and cousins. I got so worn out and my legs were way overtired. When I got home I told Autry I wanted to take a test we did. And it was positive. A few days later we shared the news with his family for mother's day. They were all thrilled. When we got back home I shared the news with my family and they, too, were very excited.

Life together is wonderful. It may not always be perfect, and it may not always be easy, but I sure do love my country boy and wouldn't trade this life for the world.

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  1. sweet! Congrats to you both! Our daughter and son-in-law will celebrate their one year anniversary July 20th. I just love "young love"! Btw...Happy "early" Birthday to your husband! Have a blessed weekend Helen!


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