Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Emerald & My Pregnancy

Emerald has always been an odd cat. She prefers her daddy to me and any male that comes to the house she immediately goes to even if there's a female with him. I think she likes men better than women. Why? Because I will pick her up to pet her and she'll jump out of my lap and lay down in Autry's. Happens every time!

Recently I started noticing an odd habit: She will come curl up next to my belly when I'm in bed taking a nap. Or if I'm sitting on the couch blogging she'll jump up and lay across my belly. She never used to do this. And you know that pawing thing cats do sometimes if they like you? Well, she's started doing that on my belly too. I'm starting to wonder if we're going to have a boy now that she's doing these odd things. I love Emerald a lot, but she hardly pays any attention to least that was the case until some time in June. It's been really odd and I'm not sure what's up with her, but I must say I'm glad she finally will lay down by me.

Have your pets ever acted different around you when you were pregnant? I've been doing some reading online and it sounds like (in cats) some could careless about your pregnancy and other's really pay a lot more attention to you. Another thing that I read was cats that preferred males would hang out on/by/around the pregnant momma and it would turn out they were having a boy... I'm curious to see what we'll be having! If it's a boy I think it'll explain her recent attachment to me. If it's a girl then I have no clue what is going on with that silly cat!

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  1. Our female cat prefers my husband and our male cat prefers me, isn't it weird? I wonder if it is a sign you're having a boy!

    We didn't have our female when I was pregnant, and didn't notice any changes with our male -but when we got home from the hospital he wouldn't leave my side. It was so sweet!

  2. That is so funny! I am interested to see if you are having a boy now!

  3. Emerald is a very pretty cat.
    I had a cat many years ago named Samantha that kind of looked like Emerald

  4. Why do you show up on a quilting forum?

    1. Because I used to blog about quilting...that's not a subject I write much about right now because my sewing machine is unaccessible. I do have some quilt ideas coming up though!


  5. my daughter recently gave birth to twins and while she was on bed rest her dog would come and lay his head on her belly. He stayed close almost all the time like he was keeping an eye on her. But the head on her belly was especially sweet.

  6. Yup, it's a boy! I'm not really sure though, it could be a girl. But then again, you know, maybe it will be a boy. Perhaps. Well...... LOL. Enjoy the kitty love while you can. My female cat ignores me and gives all her love to my husband - until she is hungry, because I'm the only one that feeds her!

  7. I had a cat who would bite my ankles (just nip at them) if the baby was crying too much. Also there was one book I was definitely not allowed to read to my daughter, if I started to read it the cat would nip me.No other books, just that one. I think the book was Tin Tin!


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