Thursday, July 18, 2013

Date Night | Go To The River

So I realize that this is really NOT a 'night' thing, but it's still a date idea and that's what this series is all about. The photos in this post were actually taken back in March & it wasn't a date at that time, but it is something we like to do together and I thought that a few of you might like the idea as well...especially with the hot summer weather being here!

Autry & I like to go to the river. We don't get to go very often because it's a bit of a drive for us, but when we do go we make a day of it.

Black River is gorgeous! The water looks so green and clear. I love it!

The day we went up to the river it was really windy.

Obviously it's not the middle of summer here because I'm wearing multiple layers lol. It was still a cute outfit though and perfect for going to the river in.

I took my shoes off and stood in the FREEZING cold water...more than once I might add. Autry said I was a crazy woman. I said he was a scardy cat since he wouldn't put his feet in the water.

Lunch time at the camp ground area. Autry making is usual silly face.

This beautiful little girl was wandering around on K Bridge. I was able to call her off the highway and she came down to the campground area for awhile. She was quite hyper. I think she was a stray. She wandered off eventually, much to my sadness.

I ended up pulling my hair up on the way home. I thought it turned out pretty cute. :)

So if you're going to make a Day At The River I'd say pack a lunch, bring swim suits & beach towels and go have some summer fun!! If you're really wanting to make it a 'date night' bring camping gear and spend a night at the camp ground too!

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