Saturday, July 27, 2013

This Is Me | Challenge Accepted?

I don't know about you when you were a young & reckless driver, but as for myself...every time I saw a yellow light it meant only one thing: speed up and get through that light! Every time! I'm not really sure what I was thinking at the time...maybe I wasn't, but now when I see a yellow light I question whether it's worth stepping on the gas.

{photo via pophangover}

My driving style has changed a LOT since The Car Wreck. I'm a lot more cautious, most of the time, and less likely to do something stupid like push a yellow light. Of course when I was in Oklahoma we only had one red-light in our town so I would usually take a side road around it so I never had to stop at it...and even in the next town over there were ways around the stop lights, even here in Missouri I avoid stop lights as much as possible, but I usually don't push the yellow like I used to do.


  1. I am glad that you are being careful. I'd probably try to find a way around if I could. Unfortunately in my town, there is no real getting around the lights. :) My driving changed dramatically when I became pregnant. Before I was pregnant, I just didn't think about seat belts often. After it became a strong habit. Now I don't even think about driving without one.

    1. Seatbelts are still up in the air with me. Sometimes I wear one sometimes I don't. It mostly depends on where we are going and what roads we will be on. And with being pregnant, I hate to admit, but I'm even more tempted NOT to wear one because of the pressure it causes on my belly. I don't know. I wear one when I ride with my mom & when little kids are present in the car so as to be a good example, but when I'm by myself I don't always use it.



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