Monday, July 22, 2013

The Survivalist Post #8 | 9 Ideas for Prepping from the Blogging World

Hi everyone! :) I have been busy the last few months working on creating a home out of an apartment, see more about Apartment Living here. In the process of this I've come up with a few things to write about for this series. I hope that you will be inspired to come up with a few things for your own families! :)

I thought I would jump back into this series by first sharing a few things from around the blogging world. I really wasn't looking for these posts, they just popped up in different places I happened to be reading and I just had to share them!

#1 Preparing For A Multi-Day Power Outage. A post by Terri @ A Beautiful Little Life Blog.

#2 Junk In The Trunk. A post by Heidi @ The Castro HAPPYnings.

#3 11 Emergency Food Items That Can Last A Lifetime. A post written by Tess @ Ready Nutrition.

#4 Blessing Bags. A post written by Ali @ Kids With A Vision. Although this post is about making blessing bags to keep in your car to give to a homeless person when your out, there are multiple uses for them I'm sure!

#5 Tornado Season Is Here: Tips on Being Prepared. A post by Tracie @ Penny Pinchin' Mom.

#6 Emergency Meal Kit Challenge. A post by Amy @ Homestead Revival. Here Amy challenges people to prepare food boxes for things such as power outages. She shares the Tuna meal and what all is included in that, but has a now-closed link-up where 12 other Emergency Meal Ideas have been shared.

#7 Food Storage For As Little As $5 A Week. A post by Savannah @ Classy Clutter. Ideas on how to build a stockpile of foods while on a budget.

#8 Canned Heat: How to Make An Emergency Heater. A post by Heather @ The Parsimonious Princess. This project takes about $5 to get done and should last a really long time.

#9 Emergency Preparedness Kit {week-by-week}. A post by Stefanie @ Lovely Little Snippets. Ideas on filling a box with emergency supplies.

Well, there are my finds from around the blogging world. Do you have a post you've shared on your blog which relates to the topic of emergency preparedness, prepping, or stockpiling?

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  1. You have a ton of helpful tips here. It's not usually something you want to think about, but it gives you so much peace of mind to know you are prepared (as best you can be) for the chance something does go wrong.

    We had three hurricanes in a row hit Florida when I lived there, and 21 days we had to live w/o electricity. The stores were empty fast, gas lines were ridiculously long, and so on and so forth. We lived in that area 18 years and never had a hurricane affect us...I was so glad though, that we did have emergency provisions in place.

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing! Hugs, Biljana

  3. Great posts. I really should get a kit together. I had a great one for the house and one for my car when I lived in Rhode Island. Thanks for sharing these blog postings. I think I'll make a point of devoting some time each paycheck to picking up some extras.

  4. Great shares, Helen! We've had a few days of wild weather and I keep saying we should get some emergency supplies together...and never do... :( Thanks so much for sharing it on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday, I’ve pinned it : )


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