Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Review #2

Here is to my second weekly review post! I have not been 'out and about' as much as I normally would be on the Internet this past week. This is because I started a new medicine and have been sleeping most of the day and night. I hope to be back to my normal soon!

1. I was featured on another blog!

Paula Parrish @ Livign A Blessed Life was so sweet and allowed me to guest post on her blog this past Monday!!! I am very grateful for the experience and nice comments I received! Here is the post if you would like to read it!

2. Revived post from my past!

This is my Banana Nut Bread! It is a huge hit around our house, and to each person who has tried the recipe. It requires only a few healthy ingredients to make this delicious and moist bread.

3. I started following 2nd Story Sewing!

The dress Here Comes The Sun, a yellow maxi dress with a ruffle around the bottom, led me to this blog. I looked around and found several other neat things like these refashions and then to follow along with their adventures!

4. 12 Tips for using Baking Soda as a Beauty Product!

This list is includes basically everything from head to toe and different ideas for using baking soda in your beauty routine! The post is found at the Beauty & Personal Grooming blog.This includes basically everything from head to toe in which you can use baking soda on for good results!

5. I started following Dump Your Frump!

I started following this blog because she has some really good ideas and I love the design/lay out that she has! Plus, her Get Rid of 100 Things post has inspired me to take up the challenge myself! (I WROTE: My Personal Goals For August and Challenge | Get Rid of 100 Things In 2 Weeks)

6. I started following Old World Garden Farms!

She has a lot of good ideas for farming, composting, canning, gardening, and recycling! I love all the ideas. One day I hope to be able to do at least half of what she does!

7. I started following Lauren's Latest!

After using this recipe for granola bars last night, I looked around at some of her other recipes and realized this was a blog worth following! She has a lot of delicious sounding foods and if they are anything like the recipe I used last night then they will be good!

Upcoming Blog Posts for you to look forward to seeing in August:
~Many posts for recipes using apples! Our neighbors have an apple tree and so does our grandma!
~Get rid of 100 things in 2 weeks challenge!
~3 months to in-shape arms part 1!
~A blog button which you can grab for your blog!
~Beauty tips for the care of your nails
~A healthy granola bar recipe
Plus many more! I anticipate that August will be a good month. :)

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