Thursday, July 26, 2012

DIY Pampering Bag for a New Mommy

My sister Brooke is having her second little baby Monday! Mom had the idea to get together a little collection of things just for her. Of course I took over the project and am now making a post about it! Between the 4 sisters at home we came up with quite a nice collection of things for her. I also had a few things left over from when I was a MaryKay consultant so I put some of those in there as well.

Here is what we have:
(Left to right)

~MaryKay mineral foundation
~Fragrance Spray from Vanity
~White Citrus Body Lotion from Bath & Body Works
~Soft Lips chap stick
~Liplicious Berry Gloss from Bath & Body Works
~Berry Soap from ULTA
~MaryKay Peach Satin Hands Lotion
~Hand sanitizer with the bag clip
~Purple glitter nail polish
~2 hair clips
~Tooth brush
~Tooth Paste
~Night Time Face Cream and Eye Cream Samples from Elizabeth Arden
~Travel Size Hairspray
~A wonderfully scented candle
~And the bag, of course!

The only thing better than taking a moment for yourself
is giving one to a friend. Savor the moment!

To Make One of These Pampering Bags Yourself:

Collect these things that you may have on hand in extra abundance (make sure they're new!) and make up your own gift bag for the new mommy you know! Gift bags can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you want them to be. Although all of the things in mine were things my sisters and I had on hand it still cost money at some point in time. Go with what you have first and try to not spend too much on the rest. This should be a fairly inexpensive project!

~Face products: moisturizer, face wash.
~Teeth products: tooth brush, tooth paste, floss.
~Lip products: lip scrub, lip gloss or lip moisturizer.
~Hair products: clips, rubber bands, headbands, hairspray, shampoo, conditioner.
~Body: lotion, body wash, fragrant body spray.
~Feet: foot lotion, pumice stone, socks, foot soak.
~Extra things: pens, sticky notes, sleeping mask, candle, a book.

Anything else you think the new mommy would enjoy! Be creative! And remember this gift is from YOU! :)

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