Saturday, July 28, 2012

Am I Rachael Ray?

Today I was telling mom how it has become so hard for me to bake new foods because I feel like I have been getting a lot more criticism than I deserved... Not fun. After a long talk about how she was grateful for my cooking/baking skills, and how she was always looking forward to what the next recipe I created would taste like, she said: "Helen, you are like a famous cook; like Rachael Ray. You create amazing recipes and we love them. We are excited to try your new creations. It's like eating gourmet all the time." She reminded me that all good cooks have criticizers, but that's only so they can become better. I felt much, much, much better after having this conversation. I think that is mostly because I was compared to Rachael Ray. :) Always a bonus to be compared to someone like that!

Now my food creating spirits are back up and I may be in the kitchen a bit more this week... :) Ingredients look out..... you are about to become a new recipe!!

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  1. Love the Rachael Ray quote! So true. Sandra


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