Thursday, July 19, 2012

This Is So Me | PhD

I love Pintereset! I find so many interesting things on there. This little photo is something I found a little while ago and it fits me perfectly!

{found via Pinterest}

Seriously, I have so many half finished projects it's not even funny. Here are a few photo's of my messy bedroom/sewing room to show you what I have going on. Really, I am not a bit organized right now. I need some serious organization time, but I keep putting it off....

Somewere in this mess is a quilt in progress, a shirt refashioning,
and a ruffle skirt in the making.

This is just one pile of clothes waiting to be refashioned!

More clothes to be refashioned!

Two skirts in the making here!

Even more clothes to be refashioned!

My boxes of sewing fabrics and threads!

Some of my fabrics.

More of my fabrics.

My messy and very un-organized sewinng table.

Sewing supplies...and other crafting things.
As you can see...I have a lot going on. My goal right now is to pick something to work on each day. I try to do a project a day...only some projects end up being spread out over two or three days because they require more detail which means I get tired (because of the brain injury) so I have to take a break.

Anyway, now you have seen a peek into the life of a creative artist! Yes it is true that an artist's desk is never clean! haha. :)

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