Saturday, July 14, 2012

DIY Denim Flower

I decided to use the bits of scraps left over from my Layered Denim Skirt to make a flower to wear in my hair when I wear my skirt. This is the second fabric flower I have ever made (my first one was a different style which I am still perfecting).

What You Need
8-9 pieces of fabric cut in circle shapes
Hot glue gun
A large needle
A bobby pin

1. Taking the large needle and one of the circle pieces, poke the need through. Insert the top part of the bobby pin.

For each circle repeat this process until they are all done:

1. Fold the circle in half.

2. Fold in half again. Cut off the point at the bottom.

3. Scrunch the fabric. Make it more or less ruffly as you want it.

4. Hot glue in between each fold near the bottom piece that was cut out.

5. Put a good size glob of hot glue on the circle piece around the bobby pin. Work quickly to press the flower petal piece down in the glue to get it secured.

6. When you get the whole flower put together use little bits of hot glue to secure the flower all the way down.

7. To add the sparkles, use a dot of hot glue and quickly press the sparkle into the glue. Add as many as you want. I only added a few to mine.

Now your flower is done! Enjoy wearing it with any outfit you want. The nice thing about the bobby pin is you can put it in anything!

The bobby pin idea
Original Flower Tutorial


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