Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer 8 Projects | Schedule Regular Blog Posts

Over the past few months I've been really proud of myself for working so hard on writing blog posts. As you may have read recently, Hubby & I are buying a house in the country, and that means less posting because I will no longer have internet. I've been really proud of myself for having a post scheduled to publish each day for the past two months and for most of this month. I've had several readers say they're enjoying all the posts and I'm glad.

After I move I still plan to post regularly, but unfortunately it won't be nearly as much as it has been every day here recently. I'm really excited about the move & plan to take lots of photos & write posts up in word documents so I can continue to share the things I'm doing & creating.

As far as My Summer 8 Projects list I think this is checked off. I'm quite excited to have been able to write & schedule so many posts & it's always rewarding to know you all are enjoying them!

I thought I'd share a bit on how I write so many posts. First I start by cooking new recipes and taking photos of the finished food, I do DIY projects and take photos of the process & then the finished project. Not only that but I like to take photos of all sorts of other things I have going on, such as random shots of my cat being goofy... Anyway, once I have photos I have plenty of things to blog about.

Another thing I tend to be horrible at (in a good way) is writing partial posts and leaving them in drafts. When I finally get the photos loaded up on my computer & edit them it takes no time at all to pop out a handful of posts in a few hours. I don't do this every day either, usually I do this one or two days a week and make sure to schedule the posts out for the rest of the week. Now I do get on my blog almost every day, but with the no internet coming up once we move I'll just be getting on when I can.

As I'm writing posts out I usually do them randomly, so to keep track of everything I usually keep a notebook and write out a line for each day of the month. On the small side to the left of where I wrote out the dates I write the days, but only once the post has been written & scheduled. The titles of the post(s) go on the right after the date. Anyway, this is just one way I am able to keep track of which days of the month I can schedule new posts I write. It's not much work, but it sure helps!

Okay so I've shared a little on how I manage to write so many posts. What are ways that help you write multiple posts a week for your blog?


  1. Heeeeeey girrrrl don't feel bad about having to many drafts...I currently have 577 blog posts that are waiting to be written!!! BAHAHA!!! How I write every day??? Well its my PASSION so its almost like I HAVE TO DO IT!!! LOL!!!

  2. Hey Helen! I just started a blog on wordpress. It is linked to as well! I follow you on bloglovin! You should follow me on!

    1. Oh my gosh! I'm SO excited you started a blog Jenna!!! :)



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