Friday, August 23, 2013

Homemaking 101 | How To Properly Fold Jeans

Today I wanted to share something a little different: a tutorial on how to PROPERLY fold jeans. You're probably thinking, "well, I already know how to fold jeans so I'll just skip this". And you probably do...but do you know how to fold them like the Denim Queen from Old Navy? Probably not... It took quite a bit of time to figure out how to fold jeans to make them stack up in straight little rows on the denim shelves at the store, but I eventually figured it out. And yes, I was the Denim case you were wondering.

Homemaking isn't only about creating beautiful rooms in the house, it's also about doing old boring chores like folding laundry. I'd rather do laundry than dishes, but that doesn't really mean that I like doing laundry. I thought about doing a series on how to fold different articles of clothing, but really I only have very specific ways I fold jeans, towels and t-shirts...(well, and underwear too, but that's not something I'd really like to blog about, you know?). Anyway, today's post is about folding jeans so enjoy!

Okay so on to the is how you can fold jeans like a Denim Queen...if you practice. :)

When you're first starting out learning how to fold jeans like this you'll probably want to start by laying them on a flat surface. Once you've done this a few times you'll be able to fold them without props like a table or floor...but using one of those rolling table things sure did help when you had hundreds of pairs of jeans to fold.

First, lay the jeans out flat.

Second, make sure, if nothing else, that the button on the jeans is done up. If it's not buttoned you may have trouble in the rest of the folding process...just saying. Coming from a pro: button up the jeans BEFORE you fold them. (The zipper being zipped really doesn't matter.)

Third, fold the jeans over in half.

Take the ends of the jeans and fold them up to half-way-up the pockets of the pants. You don't want to go higher than half-way because then the jeans just won't lay right in the stack.

Fold the rest of top of the jeans down to meet the middle of the bottom fold. And there you have it. Now if you're folding to stack on shelves you'd do this slightly different, but overall this is how I still fold jeans and it works amazingly! Sometimes I miss my old job of folding denim...

Anyway, that's how you can fold denim like a Denim Queen...if you're interested. :)

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