Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Prego with Style | Red & White

Okay so I realized I'd have to start a new series for the outfits I wear and share while I'm pregnant...and I realize that my style can be very different from other peoples, but  it's style style...so here goes! Another point...with being pregnant I've gained some weight which is not something I like, but apparently this is normal so I guess I'll just have to work with it until I can work it off after the pregnancy.

Red Cardigan: United States Sweaters.
Bottom white tank: Walmart (with refashions).
Top white tank: Old Navy.
White skirt: Cato.
Gold Sandals: Merona.
A classic poof with side swept 'bangs' pulled into a side pony tail with hair wrapped around the ponytail holder.

And there you have my first official pregnant outfit post! What did you think? I am in serious need of outfit inspirations so if you are or have been pregnant and shared outfit ideas on your blog LET ME KNOW!!! Thanks!

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  1. I love the combination maybe because I adore red? You look great too! Btw, would like to be each others' follower?

  2. Cute!! I like the white skirt with a pop of red.
    Very summery.


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