My Wedding

I originally had a full blog dedicated to the wedding information; it was called The Story of Us: Love...Forever & Always. It was a temp blog which I set up to keep friends & family in the loop during the last few weeks before the wedding. Now that the wedding is over I no longer need the wedding blog to be separate so I am created this page here on BEBBlog so I wouldn't lose all the things I still wanted to keep up in the blogging world such as fun details & tutorials so you can do them yourself!

The posts published under the label "My Wedding".

*I am planning to share a majority of the photos and projects from my wedding that I haven't yet blogged during the month of February 2014! I have SO much that I haven't shared yet, but the posts linked just above have been made since the wedding and do share some of the details for your reading pleasure!

We are still registered at Wal Mart and will be for the next year...that seems to be how the system works over there, and that's perfectly okay with me! :) We have received so many wonderful gifts and are extremely grateful for each and every one!


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