Friday, April 19, 2013

My Wedding | Some Lovely Gifts

Okay so I know I've been a HUGE procrastinator about putting out posts which have something to do with my wedding, and I DO apologize. I haven't spent a lot of time editing photos because I've been more focused on spending time with Autry when he's home & then of course creating a home for us has also been something new & fun that I've focused a lot of my time on. Since the wedding my blog(s) have kind of taken a back burner even though I still manage to get a few posts out it's not as much as I'd like.

The last two weeks I've been posting stuff about How To Find An Apartment and then the First Time On Your Own about the things that you need to get going on your own. Later today I'll share a post on stocking the fridge & cabinets...yeah, I might change that to something else...who knows lol.

Okay, anyway here are some of the lovely gifts Autry & I received from our lovely friends & family. We are most appreciative of them and they have really gotten a lot of use too! Oh yeah, and this isn't all the gifts, there were a few other things like the mysterious vacuum--we have no clue where or who it came from--but it's a lot of them! 

Pre-Seasoned 10 in. Cast Iron Skillet

40 piece Rubbermaid set. LOVE IT!!

Lovely drinking glasses...which I love using for juice!

A wonderful toaster!

Some of my favorite pots!!!

And they are awesome!!

Lovely glasses and a glass pitcher! The only one in my cabinet!!

One of my favorite gifts (only because baking is my favorite hobby!)
A Paula Dean rolling pin! It's fantastic.

Some fantastic silverware which we love!

We were able to purchase a few things with the money gifts given to us by family and friends...Here's a few of those items:

Glass bottles which I now use for olive oil & syrup.

I've bought so many of these little baskets it's crazy!!

A lovely wire whisk (another well used item in my kitchen).
And stainless steel measuring cups which I LOVE!!!

A explanation here I'm sure.

A box fan which Autry & I use every night. He feels like he's suffocating when he's trying to go to sleep so this helps him breathe easier.

If you love candles then you need to stop by Walmart and pick this one up!! LOVE IT! It's Autry's favorite.


  1. What wonderful gifts! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Hi
    I'm visiting from the Aloha Hop. I'm a new follower via google, Bloglovin, twitter. Great blog. Beautiful wedding gifts. Never have to many kitchen things.

    Hope you will visit my blog too and hopefully want to follow back. If you have a chance I'd love to have you join my blog hop too.
    Angel @


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